ANC appalled by EFF MPs' behaviour

Johannesburg - The ANC expressed outrage at the Economic Freedom Fighters' behaviour in Parliament on Thursday.

"We think it undermines the integrity, the aura and the decorum of the House," spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said.

"It is quite clear that the intentions of EFF is not to engage within the framework of promoting public accountability, but... to promote anarchy and general disrespect."

Kodwa said the EFF had a "violent nature" which could take the country backwards.

"We warn them not to take us back to the past where we will have no option but to defend our hard-won democracy."

EFF MPs refused to leave the National Assembly after Speaker Baleka Mbete ordered them out earlier on Thursday because they were "not serious" about proceedings. Long after being ordered out they were still sitting in their benches chanting and singing.

The party's MPs disrupted proceedings while President Jacob Zuma was answering questions.

EFF leader Julius Malema was not happy with Zuma's reply to a question about when he was going to repay part of the money spent on the R246m security upgrades to his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela had recommended in her report on Nkandla, titled "Secure in Comfort", that Zuma repay part of the money.

Mbete adjourned Parliament for the day shortly after 16:00, announcing Zuma would not complete presidential question time because of the EFF's protest.

Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane said what happened in Parliament on Thursday was concerning.

"It compromises on the future of this country. I didn't think the EFF procedure was correct. There are rules of Parliament."

However, he said Mbete had failed to let Malema get a response to his question and had failed to hold the executive to account.

"We want an urgent meeting with the Speaker to make sure this doesn't get repeated and that it gets sorted out properly."

United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa said the day's events were a wake-up call for the ANC.

"Zuma has been dodging to answer questions all these years," he told Sapa via sms.

"They gave him his medicine. This arrogance of power must come to an end."

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Marc Moon 2014/08/21 06:02:17 PM
Well I'm appalled by the ancs behavior.
Deepandsoulfulhouse DjVido Buka 2014/08/21 06:03:19 PM
We are appalled by the lack of Accountability from the Top ANC Echelon
Edrich Hunt 2014/08/21 06:03:29 PM
Yeah right. And the WHOLE COUNTRY is appalled by the way the ANC governs this wonderful land.
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/21 06:04:17 PM
Rather be apalled at no 1. He is the one who owes the nation an answer.
Tried All 2014/08/21 06:04:41 PM
Created by the ANC. Be careful what you wish for.
Hendrik Breed 2014/08/21 06:06:19 PM
JZ's lapdog that turned into a monster.
Nicholas Smith 2014/08/21 06:07:28 PM
as long as the speaker of the house supports the ANC we will never get to the truth that is a fact, Zuma is protected on all fronts
MarkH 2014/08/21 06:07:55 PM
The ANC shouldn't be appalled. The same people who elected them, also elected Malema and his mob. I always said that JM would wake them up, take them on and he's doing it. About time somebody did.
Lekwe Lucas Leshaba 2014/08/21 06:09:01 PM
Appalled, appalled, do you really understand yourself? You are the ones who undermine the integrity, the aura and the decorum of the South Africans. You arrogance is not taking us anywhere. We want answers be accountable.
Andrew Stockton 2014/08/21 06:09:18 PM
The more these 2 parties fight - the better it is for the rest of us. Can you imagine if they had an allegiance ???