ANC 'notes' Zuma spy tapes ruling

Johannesburg - The ANC said on Thursday it noted the Supreme Court of Appeal's order that the so-called Zuma "spy tapes" be released, after opposition by President Jacob Zuma.

"We trust that today's [Thursday] outcome will bring the matter closer to finality," African National Congress spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

The court ruled that within five days, the National Prosecuting Authority had to comply with a previous order, in an application brought by the Democratic Alliance, to release the tapes.

The actual recordings, internal memoranda, reports and minutes of meetings dealing with the contents of the recordings had to be provided.

Conversations on the recordings were cited as a reason to drop fraud and corruption charges against Zuma, shortly before he was sworn in as president in 2009.

Political conspiracy

The tapes allegedly reveal collusion between the former heads of the Directorate of Special Operations, the now defunct Scorpions, Leonard McCarthy, and the NPA's former head Bulelani Ngcuka, to manipulate the prosecutorial process before the ANC's Polokwane conference in 2007. Zuma was elected ANC president at the conference.

At the time, acting NPA boss Mokotedi Mpshe said they showed there was a political conspiracy against Zuma and so the case could not continue.

The DA applied for access to the recordings and despite winning previous court cases could not obtain them.

Zuma's legal team had argued in the latest application that the DA would use them against him for political gain.

Freddie Miller 2014/08/28 11:47:57 AM
Take note, your leader is corrupt!
Beaulah Fortuin 2014/08/28 11:48:12 AM
No no no, this only starts the matter, it doesn't bring it to a close.
Cynical Heathen 2014/08/28 11:49:44 AM
I will bet everything I own that the tapes have been misplaced
Faffa Venter 2014/08/28 11:50:56 AM
It is not bringing the matter to a close but a opening!
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/28 11:52:44 AM
Trusting that someone has the back ups to all these tapes and docs. I have a sneaky suspicion something might go wrong and they will not be produced. Let's wait and see. "Closer to finality" more like closer to Zumpies demise. He needs to foot the bill for his indiscretions. Maybe 27 years inside, might just do the trick. Then he can be a 97 year old fool, give or take a few years.
Nachos Gracious Maifo 2014/08/28 11:53:05 AM
finally ANC will be on its knees
Douglas Ross 2014/08/28 11:56:08 AM
The tapes will disappear, and some poor devoted ANC member will take the fall and that will be the end of it all.
Venicia Williams 2014/08/28 11:58:36 AM
Zille's right...u zuma and ur cronies have hijacked our judiciary system, u scum...take RESPONSIBILITY!
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/28 12:02:32 PM
"Nkosinathi Nhleko will decide whether I must release those tapes."Said Zoo ma from Rusland to stump teeth Mantashe
Drick Zaal 2014/08/28 12:02:45 PM
What now? Spin Zizi Kodwa spin those tapes.