ANC welcomes Gaza ceasefire

Pretoria - The African National Congress on Wednesday welcomed the recently agreed upon ceasefire between Israel and Palestine in Gaza.

"This agreement comes after almost two months of relentless and ruthless fighting which led to unwarranted bloodshed, displacement, and destruction in the region," spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said.

"It is the ANC's hope that all parties involved will use this period to move beyond just an indefinite halt of hostilities to building genuine and lasting peace."

According to Agence France-Presse, the accord for a long-term ceasefire came into effect on Tuesday.

A Palestinian official told the news agency the truce was finalised after 48 hours of negotiations.

Since the conflict began on 8 July, 2 143 Palestinians and 70 Israelis have been killed.

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Enig Ma 2014/08/27 12:52:45 PM
The ANC does not know where Gaza is situated on a world map. Nor do they know what kind of a fire a ceasefire is.
Beaulah Fortuin 2014/08/27 12:58:25 PM
ANC how about getting a ceasefire in the western cape between the gangsters of the cape flats, hey?
Makhulu Zulu 2014/08/27 01:22:27 PM
Thank you ANC for supporting Palestine.
Zwelithini Mdluli 2014/08/27 01:27:55 PM
Coward anc
Shaun Smith 2014/08/27 01:30:13 PM
Facts of the Israeli aggression in Gaza: - America is the biggest funder and supporter of Israel. Recently, as Israel continues to pound Gaza, President Obama signed off a more than 2 billion dollar aid package for Israel to replenish their war missiles. - In 2005 Israel withdrew its settlers and the Israel Defense Forces from Gaza, but it has continued to retain control over Gaza through intermittent incursions, regular shelling, controlling land crossings into Gaza, its airspace and territorial waters and its population registry, which determines who may leave and enter the territory.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/27 01:38:31 PM
ANC only understands siesfire.
Christa Theart 2014/08/27 01:44:12 PM
EFF gives ANC their own medicine. Karma is a biatch. Lol
Jacques Le Roux 2014/08/27 01:49:38 PM
Like it really makes a difference what they say......
Jacques Le Roux 2014/08/27 01:50:40 PM
Why not let Israel and Gaza sort out their own problems, like Zimbabwe?
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/27 01:51:14 PM
They fail to say anything about the President,instead they try by all means to remove our focus from burning issues.