ANC welcomes municipal audits

Johannesburg - The African National Congress has welcomed the progress of financial management by municipalities, as announced in the release of the 2012/13 municipal audit outcomes in Pretoria on Wednesday.

"According to the report, fifteen more municipalities and an additional two municipal entities got clean audits," ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

"There is also an overall total of 63 improvements across various categories of audit opinions recorded."

Auditor General Kimi Makwetu announced earlier that nine percent of municipalities and municipal entities achieved clean audits in the 2012/13 audit review.

This compared to five percent for the previous year.

Of the 319 audits, 22 municipalities and eight municipal entities had unqualified audits with no findings, otherwise known as clean audits. Of the 30 clean audits, 13 had sustained this distinction from the 2011/2012 audit.

Makwetu praised those that achieved clean audits, saying their accountable management and leadership meant they could provide additional evidence to support their financial statements.

The SA Local Government Association also welcomed the municipal audit outcomes.

"As South Africa marks 20 years of democracy, we celebrate a significant increase in the delivery of basic services to the citizens of our country," spokesperson Karen Reyneke said in a statement.

"The report reflects these improvements as derived from the 2011 Census results: 85% of households have access to electricity, 91% of households have access to piped water, and 95% of residents have access to toilet facilities."

Salga noted the increase in the number of auditees having received unqualified audits with no findings opinions, as well as a notable decrease in the number of auditees with adverse or disclaimer with findings opinions.

"We believe that the auditor general's report is a key indicator of the state of local government and the information... is aimed at empowering oversight structures as well as leaders in local government to focus on issues that will result in reliable financial statements."

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Ryan Donald 2014/07/30 11:14:29 PM
9 % That's good to you ????!!!! I feel sorry for our people if this is the standard of our leaders Sad
Jane Kekana 2014/07/31 12:19:49 AM
11+mil ppl are happy about the results! Keep up de gud work! U got my vote 4 life! Thanx DA n Eff 4 keeping us on our toes!
Jacques Coetzer 2014/07/31 02:48:35 AM
Of course, next step, the matric pass rate slso 10 % and worker productibity the same. A very good story to tell.....
Rodgers Mabasa 2014/07/31 03:26:29 AM
ANC likes taking credit for everything, I wonder how many ANC led Municipalities got clean audits?
Sipho Tshakela 2014/07/31 05:18:40 AM
The ANC's bar is set so low to the detriment of the citizens of this country. Others might think I have ulterior motives against the ANC, but before one jumps to such a conclusion, here we are dealing with municipal maanagement which is highly educated, municipal managers, cfo's have the so called degrees. We are not dealing with infants or toddlers at child care centres, why are we settling for the second best if there's is that level of academic qualifications and these people are highly paid. Once again, I'm of the view that here we the taxpayers are being taken for a ride.
George Gibbs 2014/07/31 06:04:30 AM
Please explain to me how you can be happy with that result and the blowing 800 million and the majority of it irregularly????
John Stoltz 2014/07/31 06:58:28 AM
A prime example of the policy of ANC cadre deployment! Dear Mr Prez, you can become a legacy by running this country, and starting to deploy only people with education, skills, experience and integrity!! Right now you rate amongst the worst leaders in Africa in my rating!!
Bernd Kankowski 2014/07/31 07:05:36 AM
@Sipho Tshakela. You must understand that in a lot of municipalities the fact of having the right people in the crucial jobs is undermined by the cadre deployment mentality. Many of these appointees did not have the right qualifications but were connected in some way to the ruling party. So they were appointed regardless of the criteria or they just falsified their qualifications in order to get the job. As can be seen by the skills audit being done. Look at Hlaudi at the SABC, also apparently no Grade 12 certificate yet still appointed after the public protector warned against such an appointment. Then still increasing his own salary by R900 000. These individuals should be checked and if found to have misrepresented themselves they should be charged and jailed because it is fraud and theft. Just walk into most municipalities or phone them and you will see or hear the lack of professionalism. It starts with our education system. The standards are too low. We are educating a generation of stupid people. Giving them false hope and making them believe that if they pass with 30% they are clever. Then they move on to FET colleges and the situation is the same. Education is the backbone of any economy. With 30% pass rates you are achieving the opposite and these people end up in the municipalities. They use consultants to do the work while they drive around doing shopping and stuffing themselves with KFC during office hours. Come to the South Coast and you will see the number of government vehicles at the shopping centres during office hours. And the vehicles are filled by four or five people at a time. No wonder nothing is happening at the municipalities apart from wasteful expenditure
Mc Apple 2014/07/31 07:35:26 AM
All I'm going to say is HHHHHHHhaaaaa hahahahahahaha and no one needs to know why I say that nĂȘ Mr. Auditor General.
James jonas 2014/07/31 07:51:46 AM
oooh what a relief this greedy comrades.