ANCYL financial state vindicates Malema - EFF

Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League's statement that it is financially sound was welcomed by the EFF on Thursday because it vindicated party leader Julius Malema, it said.

"The convenor of the ANCYL has in the past blamed the commander-in-chief of the EFF, who was leader of the ANCYL, for the supposed financial problems of the organisation," Economic Freedom Fighters' spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

"Yesterday, the [ANCYL] convenor indicated that the finances are in a good place, inadvertently dispelling his self-made misconceptions about the commander-in-chief."

Debt, liquidation

During Malema's time as African National Congress Youth League leader, the organisation got itself into extensive debt, which led to liquidation cases against it.

There were allegations that millions of rands of the ANCYL's money had gone missing.

ANCYL convenor Mzwandile Masina denied this on Wednesday.

"The ANCYL [at the time] was spending money it did not have. No one stole the money... it was just an abuse of processes."

He said the ANCYL's financial problems had been resolved.

"We have attempted to pay everybody. As it stands we have no court orders before us."

Ndlozi on Thursday claimed the blame initially put on Malema was part of a plot to tarnish his reputation.

"The Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the ANCYL's sobering statements that its funds are in order and have been in order all along."

Julian Booyens 2014/08/21 02:51:16 PM
So why can they not pay their bills?
Motofogo Mulilo 2014/08/21 02:51:38 PM
We all knew that.
Louis Van Den Elst 2014/08/21 02:51:54 PM
What ever no credibility here at all
Siener Sien 2014/08/21 02:59:28 PM
"The ANCYL [at the time] was spending money it did not have. No one stole the money... it was just an abuse of processes." do I need to say more and THE next juju will do the same and same and so it will go on. a bunch of blind sheep crossing a road, 1 runs and all will follow without thinking of the out come. typical un educated people.
Danie Kritzinger 2014/08/21 03:01:50 PM
If only South-Africans could be vindicated from our Hitler and his EFF Nazi's...
Matthew Patrick 2014/08/21 03:04:53 PM
I don't know the full details of the ANCYL's statement but by stating that they are financially sound now does automatically mean that they were financially sound under Julius' 'leadership'. The ANC has only recently started reconvening their national and provincial councils, bodies that were closed down because of Juju's mismanagement. It leads one to presume that mother ANC has provided a financial bailout. Politicians will use any bit of good news that comes about during their term even if it is a result of outside actions that they have no control over. And the voting-fodder masses will gobble that good news up without thinking twice.
Made-In SA 2014/08/21 03:05:03 PM
"We have attempted to pay everybody" What does that mean?There were numerous reports of them owing money.Gallagher estate as well.
Shadrack Bo Xadi Mashele 2014/08/21 03:13:53 PM
ANC tried very hard to tarnish Julius Malema's name, They failed dismally....! all the truth will come out, now is the time to clear our beloved son Julius Malema in whatever you accused him of, SARS charges also will be the space
Oppie Koppie 2014/08/21 03:18:06 PM
Such good news. Now they can go settle the election party bill at the durban venue which they absconded. Maybe open a new tab and start celebrating with single malt again. ......and the beat goes on.
Gerhard Labuschagne 2014/08/21 03:25:00 PM
You've got to love it : 'Commander-in-chief'= Captain Chaos?