Baleka Mbete on extended leave

Cape Town - National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete has only been in Parliament three times since taking her seat, City Press reported on Sunday.

Mbete, who was redeployed from Luthuli House where she was ANC chairperson, has not presided over a sitting of the House since the start of Parliament's new term.

She was in Parliament the day she was elected Speaker, for President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address and to present the legislature's budget vote to the National Assembly.


According to the report, word doing the rounds in Parliament was that she was ill. This was confirmed by senior officials.

Deputy speaker Lechesa Tsenoli said Mbete had been advised to rest as much as possible given her state of health. He said Parliament was confident she would resume her duties on 18 August.

"We are quite aware she has not been well, was advised to receive treatment and that she must rest as much as possible so she recovers before she returns," Tsenoli was quoted as saying.

He said the African National Congress's national executive committee had given officials time off to rest following a taxing election campaign.

Zuma was admitted to hospital in June and was booked off work so that he could rest.

ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said Mbete had taken extended leave to rest after elections.

Jurgen Hartmann 2014/08/10 12:10:17 PM
A long illness?? Maybe Showerhead forgot to shower....
Zilindile Gagule 2014/08/10 12:26:58 PM
I think CIC Julius Malema is the culprint in Madam speakers illness because since Mr Malema's presence in parliament they feel his pressure and Malema gave them sleepless nights with his red overalls inparliament.Carry on Juju we loved you tell them the truth.Now one will launch the committee to deal Nkandla that,s another excuse for ANC.
Petrus Kruger 2014/08/10 12:32:58 PM
How much is this one earning ?? Government medical .... YOUR TAX TO WORK FROM HOSPITAL .. !
Toby Clive Goss 2014/08/10 12:36:04 PM
I am sure we will all miss her!! OK so I am ill too
Solomon Lebelo 2014/08/10 12:41:25 PM
Let this morons bewitch each other,we tired of their corrupt activities,its nice if they get rid of each other bcos of greed
Rob 2014/08/10 12:47:58 PM
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/10 12:57:54 PM
Everyone of us can get ill, so can she. I hope she will be better soon.
Andre Nunes979 2014/08/10 01:06:03 PM
Whats going on with these peoples health,been partying to much!!!First Zuma and now her?
Shades 2014/08/10 01:12:52 PM
Who cares?
Vukile Tiger Welskit Maldaki 2014/08/10 01:16:51 PM
Get well soon.