By-elections: ANC wants DA councillor disqualified

Polokwane - The ANC in Limpopo on Wednesday called for the disqualification of a DA councillor accused of not being registered to contest the Peter Mokaba by-election to be held in Polokwane later in the day.

The African National Congress's regional co-ordinator Eugene Masethe said in a statement that Democratic Alliance councillor Roelof Lourens was registered in Ward 22 of the Polokwane municipality, not in Ward 23 where the by-election would take place.

Masethe said up until 6 August, Lourens was registered as a councillor in the Greater Tubatse municipality.

"He was just parachuted into Ward 23, and he does not even feature on its voter's roll for these by-elections.

"According to the IEC records, he is [now] registered in Ward 22 of the Polokwane municipality, and this should disqualify him from participating in Ward 23's by-election."


Masethe said the party was made aware of Lourens's intention to contest in Peter Mokaba on 28 July and lodged an objection with the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) on 4 August.

Lourens then resigned as councillor in Greater Tubatse on 6 August and registered in Polokwane.

Masethe said the party had taken the matter up with the IEC.

"The ANC has raised this matter with the IEC in vain, and deems today's by-election as unfair and unjust."

Masethe said the IEC informed the party on Monday that it would not grant the objection, and that as far as the commission was concerned Lourens could contest.

The IEC was not immediately available for comment.

DA national spokesperson Marius Redelinghuys said candidates did not need to be registered in a ward, but only in a municipality.

"There are no grounds for disqualification as we have complied with this," said Redelinghuys.

Henry Collins 2014/08/13 09:48:47 AM
ANC knows that the writing is on the wall. You are to light to do the work. ANC know that they are going to lose the by-election.
Dan Butler 2014/08/13 09:49:08 AM
You want to complain bout a simple By Elections as being unfair and unjust? What about the recent General election! Was that fair and just?
Nomcebo Ngidi 2014/08/13 09:50:26 AM
All along I thought we were compeled to vote in our wards and voting stations where we are registered on local gov elections ,maybe there is new law now
Paige Turner 2014/08/13 10:21:12 AM
Last gasp of the desperate ANC. Let the honest DA take this by-election by a landslide.
Hank Thetank 2014/08/13 10:39:48 AM
All of a sudden someone in the ANC wants do something by the book? Eugene Masethe shouldn't you be busy doing something corrupt, you know stealing, sleeping, buying a new BMW, sending tender money to a friend???
criticallyhonest 2014/08/13 10:52:25 AM
I do not know the law regarding residence. It seems that residence in the Municipality is the requirement, that is what the Electoral Commission confirmed. So we have An Electoral Commission with people who are supposed to be independent but who know where there livelihood comes from. and An ANC faction that either does not know/understand the electoral rules An ANC faction that wants to undermine free and fair elections by inventing new rules to suit their own objectives An ANC that is desperate to maximise the votes they get AT ALL COSTS The stink of ineptitude and corruption is overpowering.
Douglas Ross 2014/08/13 11:01:38 AM
Someone in the IEC is getting fired for letting this happen. Poor guy just doing his job, trying to keep the country democratic.
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/13 12:20:22 PM
ANC wants?. How undemocratic can you get?.
Deon Du Plessis 2014/08/13 12:53:23 PM
@Auntie, I see your replies to other people's posts, are still as meaningless as sand in the Sahara.
Johan Kotze 2014/09/18 06:39:51 PM
Whining like hyenas seems to a popular reaction with the ANC when they throw their toys out of the cot as a result of their incompetence.