Committee: Drop Tlakula hearing

Cape Town - Following Pansy Tlakula's resignation as IEC head, Parliament's home affairs portfolio committee will recommend that MPs abandon any formal consideration of the Electoral Court judgment against her.

In a statement on Thursday, three days after Tlakula handed in her resignation to President Jacob Zuma, committee chairperson Lemias Mashile said his committee had met in the morning to consider the matter.

"In light of advocate Tlakula's resignation, the committee has thus resolved and will recommend to the National Assembly to abandon its consideration of the Electoral Court judgment," he said.

In August last year, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found Tlakula's securing of a R320m lease for the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) head office in Pretoria was "irregular", and flouted procurement regulations.

In June this year, the Electoral Court found this warranted her removal from office.

Tlakula fought the judgment, but her efforts were halted last month when the Constitutional Court dismissed her application to appeal against the Electoral Court's judgment.

This left Parliament with the task of acting on it, a process likely to have led to Tlakula's dismissal.

In a statement on Tuesday, issued after her resignation, Tlakula said she had decided to abandon the "process of trying to clear my name" and had resigned to enable the commission to focus on preparations for the 2016 local government elections.

Mashile said his committee wished Tlakula well for the future.

"The committee would like to thank advocate Tlakula for her immense contribution to the Electoral Commission and to South Africa's democracy as a whole.

"During her tenure, both as chief electoral officer and chairperson of the commission the IEC, she set high standards recognised the world over on how to run efficient electoral systems and processes."

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Brad Herbert 2014/09/04 09:09:11 PM
they should prosecute her like any other criminal. this is so typical of the anc
Kevin Marsh 2014/09/04 09:28:50 PM
Typical ANC . Eish , give her another chance . Thug
Tjak 2014/09/04 09:52:59 PM
I suspect that if she is not found guilty by a court then she will still qualify for an ambassadorial post somewhere.
Stefan Grundlingh 2014/09/04 10:11:47 PM
Good riddance to the corrupt!
Senolo George 2014/09/04 10:39:21 PM
If Tlakula's case is dropped,who deserve 2 be charged
Russell Allamby 2014/09/04 10:44:23 PM
Legally does that set a precedent that if you resign you can get off without being charged.
jungleboy 2014/09/05 03:28:46 AM
No no no.... she must be called to account for her thuggery and thievery. Oops...i forgot, ANC politicians are above the law. They account to nobody.
Aqua BlueAfrica 2014/09/05 06:04:45 AM
And so the cANCer spreads to every corner of this country. . she will only be replaced by another cANCer candidate with a shameless and no morals leader that will plunder and steal more
Arthur Salvado 2014/09/05 07:16:21 AM
She does not need well wishes for the future. She's got the money to buy her "wellness" Mandosela, please get our money back
Nico Minnaar 2014/09/05 04:38:24 PM
they would say that. some of them probably are scared they are gonna be exposed as well!!