Contributions to ANC not for govt jobs - Mkhize

Johannesburg - The ANC is a donor-driven organisation but levies and contributions are not paid to the party in return for government jobs, treasurer general Zweli Mkhize said on Wednesday.

"The African National Congress categorically rejects any attempt to link voluntary and unconditional financial contributions by members, supporters, and sympathisers of the ANC to the acquisition or retention of any jobs in the public sector.

"Donations to the ANC are not transactional. Anyone who contributes to the organisation cannot expect anything, nor do they contribute in exchange of anything," he said in a statement.

The ANC had received reports from a number of its members that the media had been calling with questions on the donations they made in their individual capacity.

He said the questions seemed to be designed to "intimate that members" of the ANC who were civil servants were paying levies to the party to obtain or retain their "deployment" in government.

Members, supporters, and sympathisers of the ANC contributed voluntarily and unconditionally, he said.

Contributions and donations were the ANC's main source of funding.

"There are many other people who approach the organisation of their own volition to make contributions and others who when approached by the organisation to contribute decline to do so," he said.

"Government has clear policies and processes guiding human capital attraction, retention, and management within the civil service. Nowhere is a contribution to the ANC a requirement for employment."

People could donate through many mediums, including direct deposits and online transfers.


Susan Pretorius 2014/08/06 01:16:41 PM
Categorically rejects - yep thats the ANC!
Samuel Modumaela 2014/08/06 01:18:04 PM
its happening mkhize y denying it.
Martina Prchalova 2014/08/06 01:18:23 PM
What a joke!
Clinton Jacobs 2014/08/06 01:18:30 PM
Mmmmmmmmm. Tell me sweet lies....
Jenene Mundt Bergh 2014/08/06 01:19:16 PM
so make the names of your sources of income public?
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/06 01:22:12 PM
It's not easy not to be not corrupt if you have just been urbanized just three decades ago. Easier said than done!
John Bass 2014/08/06 01:22:44 PM
Any comments from the mpisani family? Thought not.
Peter Elkington 2014/08/06 01:23:37 PM
What about tenders?
Nomcebo Ngidi 2014/08/06 01:24:54 PM
joining,donating and campaigning its voliuntarily not by force
Chris Felton 2014/08/06 01:25:26 PM
"Contributions are the main source of the ANCs funding", Corruption is the main source of the ANCs funding. Which one holds more truth?