DA commends Jordan's resignation

Johannesburg - Pallo Jordan's resignation from Parliament was in the best interests of the National Assembly, the ANC, and himself, the DA said on Tuesday.

"This must have been a difficult decision. We respect his choice to take responsibility for his actions," DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen said in a statement.

"There are many other individuals in Parliament who have disgraced themselves much more seriously, who have chosen to avoid accountability at all costs."

While the DA could not condone Jordan’s dishonesty regarding his academic qualifications, they acknowledged his contribution to the political discourse in South Africa.

"Indeed, one does not require a doctorate to be able to formulate and debate ideas," Steenhuisen said.

"We have often disagreed and debated vigorously with Jordan, but we have always done so constructively. In so doing, he has earned the DA’s respect as a public intellectual."

However disappointing the revelations about his academic qualifications may be, the DA wished Jordan the best in whatever he endeavoured to do next.

On Monday, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said in a statement Jordan had resigned from Parliament and apologised to the ANC after reports that his qualifications were false.


Jordan had also offered to resign from the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANC and from the ANC.

"True to his character, he has apologised to the ANC, its membership and South Africa as a whole," Mantashe said.

"A man of comrade Pallo Jordan's intellect does not need to perpetuate deceit; he must be given time to deal with his guilt. As the ANC, we have accepted his public apology; to apologise was not an action of the faint-hearted."

Mantashe said the ANC received a detailed explanation from Jordan on Monday on claims that his qualifications were false.

The ANC national officials had accepted his resignation from Parliament, but his resignation from membership of the NEC and the ANC have been referred to the structures of the organisation, he said.

The Sunday Times reported last week that no evidence could be found that Jordan, who goes by the title "Dr" had ever had an honorary doctorate bestowed on him.

Jordan had no degrees or diplomas from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the London School of Economics (LSE), the two institutions cited on his CV.

He had no formal tertiary academic qualifications whatsoever, the publication reported.

Made-In SA 2014/08/12 06:11:22 PM
When is the other crook Ellen Tshabalala[who also lied about her qualifications] and the crook she is protecting[Cloudy] and the other crook the whole of the ANC is protecting[The Number One crook] going to step down?
Anton L├╝ckhoff 2014/08/12 06:17:37 PM
He should pay back all the monies he earned in the last twenty years or use the money for a make over
Malcolm MacLeod 2014/08/12 06:18:10 PM
I find this response from the DA not good enough, they should push for fraud charges. This down playing of how serious what he has done is, and the implication that degrees mean nothing is a spit in the face to all people who have actually earned a degree. Calling this man an 'intellectual' further insults those who are real intellectuals.
2014/08/12 06:44:09 PM
Right , who is next?
Petrus Kruger 2014/08/12 06:50:33 PM
ha ha ... I bet you $1 = next post Mr Ambassador Poland or Cuba or wherever ?
Heinrich Adams Adams 2014/08/12 06:53:54 PM
Anc knew about his qualifications when he started they excepted him because he is black now they are standing out of the water because they know about 85% of them did the same thing. Investigate all of them! NOW!!!!!!!
Brolloks En Bittergal 2014/08/12 06:55:10 PM
Ja swar, Al loop die leuen so snel die waarheid agterhaal hom wel. He must in the end be commended BUT he initially denied it in an arrogant manner and even threatened to sue Sexwale's paper. He had no choice but to resign - like Carl Nieuhaus.
Zuko Honourable Vice 2014/08/12 06:58:36 PM
he must go back to school lol whose next maybe blade ndzimande
Patrick Larsen 2014/08/12 07:00:22 PM
His resignation should be applauded, not commended
Phindile Zina 2014/08/12 07:06:33 PM
He had no choice, he has embarrassed himself.