DA welcomes Motshekga's task team report

Johannesburg - The DA has welcomed on Monday the basic education ministerial task team's recommendations on the current matric pass mark.

"We applaud... the decision by the minister [Angie Motshekga] to undertake the investigation, and, importantly, to publicly release the resulting report in its entirety," DA MP Annette Lovemore said in a statement.

"The report is excellent in its reach and its empirical base. Its findings must be considered credible."

Motshekga had tasked a team of experts to examine media reports and research which criticises the national senior certificate pass requirements.

The team submitted a 188-page report which Motshekga said she was studying. The report recommended that the department consider making mathematics a compulsory subject.

"A major effect that the introduction of such compulsory subject combinations is expected to have is an increased proportion enrolling for mathematics for sound educational reasons."

The report projected that if mathematics was made compulsory it would have to be phased in over a few years to avoid a decline in overall enrolments in science-related subjects.

A national campaign to educate people about the value, place, and role of mathematical literacy and mathematics was also suggested.

The department was also urged to increase the minimum pass rate, which currently stood at 30%.

Lovemore said a lot of changes should take place at schools.

"The problem lies in the classroom, and predominantly with the teacher. All schools must offer maths and be properly resourced to do so.

"Maths teachers must be comprehensively tested, and placed to teach the grade or area of maths in which they are competent," she said.

Motshekga was expected to make further announcements relating to the report in due course.


Trudi Roos Potter 2014/08/04 04:54:05 PM
Everything that was working in the past, was phased out. Now they want to bring it back again! Thank God. Im close to retirement.
Kgadima Petrus Lekalakala 2014/08/04 04:56:39 PM
Maths compulsory,i disagree.
Zwelibanzi Ndlovu 2014/08/04 04:59:22 PM
Good step. Let us all support this good initiative. Also train teachers instead of sending them to union meetings and workshops all the time.
Dan Butler 2014/08/04 04:59:43 PM
Wonderful news! Just make it happen now!!
Khanyo Ngwane 2014/08/04 05:00:07 PM
Very impressive Minister. Hard working and listens to other views. Always been impressed by Minister Motshekga.
Patricia Dewet 2014/08/04 05:13:41 PM
Just keep the useless union out of this, because is sounds like their members will have to work.
Lilchoco DaGreat Ngobeni 2014/08/04 05:37:11 PM
yeah dat sounds all too good... i wonder who thought of the math literacy in d first place... waste of time that subject.... but then again we'll have to wait another ten years b4 it is implemented....dats just hw SA works....sigh!!!!
Richard Young 2014/08/04 05:43:25 PM
They bring back the old working system and take the credit for it
Tony van Niekerk 2014/08/04 06:08:19 PM
Well done Minister Motshekga. One step at a time and we will fix education in SA. Everybody must put their weight behind improving the system, and not just criticise from the sidelines.
Nhlanganiso 2014/08/04 08:05:22 PM
That ministerial report is going to be rejected by LUTHULI HOUSE,the report does not eminates from the party branches,neither from the party conferences therefore it's recommendations are not going to be implemented.watch the space.