EFF MPs receive warning letters

Cape Town - All 25 EFF MPs on Thursday received formal letters from Speaker Baleka Mbete asking them to motivate why the party should not be suspended from Parliament for disrupting a sitting.

"We received the letters today and we have to respond by tomorrow," said Economic Freedom Fighters MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

EFF leader Julius Malema was expected to brief media at the party's offices at Parliament at 13:00 to announce how it planned to respond.

Last Thursday, the EFF defied orders from Mbete to leave the National Assembly after they disrupted presidential question time.

They chanted that President Jacob Zuma should repay public funds spent on his home in Nkandla.

Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/28 12:44:49 PM
Mbete should also send a letter to Zuma asking why he shouldn't be suspended from parliament since he refuses to answer questions put to him.
Rod Glod 2014/08/28 12:47:54 PM
Yeh, like the EFF are really bothered ... I agree with them re the interruption in this case , someone has to pin down the Teflon Dom to answer some questions...
Alex Afrika 2014/08/28 12:49:40 PM
Bias Madam Speaker
Fabian Franco-Roldan 2014/08/28 12:50:16 PM
Seems like this country's entire government system is on the verge of collapse.
Jerry Medina 2014/08/28 12:50:30 PM
Mbete EFF can not be suspended from parliament. They represent 6% of the electorate and as much as it might be uncomfortable for you and the ANC better deal with it. Where is separation of powers in this regard? As far as I'm concerned DA, EFF and all opposition parties should boycott that parliament until you are removed as a speaker.
Queen Mfulwane 2014/08/28 12:51:28 PM
Thats a very short notice and unjust....I think she could have given them at least two years thats equal to the time zuma takes to respond to PP.Eff will first respond to security cluster and siu not you mbete...stupid
Sello Johannes Maswanganye 2014/08/28 12:52:36 PM
Who is laughing now? Kwaaks, I'm laughing at the mickey mouse party
Khuliso Mutsha 2014/08/28 12:52:56 PM
EFF is not being punished for asking questions, i am suprised that even university professors like Shadrack Gutto is lost about This One, EFF question was accepted by the speaker, she even forwarded that question to the president for reply. The problem is ill-discipline of members who spoke without being given a chance to do so. MP's were inducted about How things work in parliament, and they took an oath.
Edward Kolobe 2014/08/28 12:54:14 PM
Another round of waste of time, can baleka mbete stick to paramount issues than inciting civil war in our country. Eff MPs exercised it's powers together with the freedom of speech and expression, Zuma must account and have a respect of the constitution of south Africa
Kobus Hattingh 2014/08/28 12:55:14 PM
Just file it with any e-toll accounts you might have received in the past...