Fortunate white cops arrived - Malema

Johannesburg - It was fortunate that white police officers arrived at the National Assembly when the EFF was refusing to leave because they had a better grasp of the law, party leader Julius Malema said on Monday.

"I mean, we were in Parliament where freedom of speech is unlimited," he told reporters outside the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

"You call police. Fortunately white police came. They know the law unlike our fellow brothers."

Malema said when the police arrived at the National Assembly they questioned why the police was there.

"When they arrived there, they said to them, 'well, what do we do?' because these guys here, they are protesting at their workplace, they are non-violent, they are not beating up anybody.

"'As far as we are concerned, we as police we also do not have anything to do with what happens inside Parliament. So, why do you call us here?'" he said.

On Thursday, Malema objected to President Jacob Zuma's reply to a question about when he was going to repay part of the R246m spent on security upgrades to his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal.

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete ordered the red overall-clad MPs out after they began to disrupt proceedings and started chanting "pay back the money".

The MPs refused to leave, continuing to chant and shout slogans, and riot police were called.

Mbete adjourned proceedings to restore order.

While Zuma and MPs from other political parties left the chamber, EFF members remained, still chanting "pay back the money", and insisting they would not budge.

Chantelle Crocker Monaghan 2014/08/25 08:51:29 PM
what??? contradiction and he is putting down every black policeman in this country. wow...doesn't matter what he says or does they let him do as he pleases
Michelle Mac Dougall 2014/08/25 08:55:16 PM
If any member of the DA or any other party had said or even implied that white people were better in any way Julius would have demanded their heads! How can he in one week say that that black people don't know/understand tax laws and that black people know nothing about parliament and not be labled a racist. Such Double standards!
Bhekubaba Mawelela 2014/08/25 08:57:26 PM
blacks don't know tax laws. black police poor in standard. next will be black people don't know the law of speech...thats a reason they (I-juju) say anything anyhow ...hayi juju...truth hurts sometimes brother.
Feik Mc Heither 2014/08/25 09:00:07 PM
A joker of note.
Ntanganedzeni Maphutha Ravele 2014/08/25 09:03:50 PM
He sounds like a comedian sometimes ??
Ntobeng Fortune Nkadimeng 2014/08/25 09:07:37 PM
But Juju is right, black cops insist on min R20 jojo in townships, and their White counterparts won't settle for anything less than R100 anywhere. You know knowledge doesn't come cheap
Menzi Mnandi Phewa 2014/08/25 09:07:40 PM
so says the fat stupid racist...
Vaughan Johnson 2014/08/25 09:08:11 PM
Funny how this prick unites all colours of race. We are all so sick of him that we put aside our petty difference to bring his ego back down to earth :)
Rolisizwe Dlamini Lunika 2014/08/25 09:11:20 PM
It was foolish for him to say that even if its true, I was shocked when I heard him saying it, he lacks political correctness but he is a politician, a leader of a political party that needs votes from the very same black cops he is rubbishing today, but he will get away with it because he is who he is, makes me think back to the Marikana footage, white cops were shouting at black cops to stop shooting, didn't they see it was enough already or is it what Malema is talking about?
BANDIT 2014/08/25 09:14:41 PM
Rather scream racism than pleading or admitting being incompetent!!!