IEC: Tlakula's resignation end tumultuous time

Johannesburg - Pansy Tlakula's resignation as chairperson of the Electoral Commission signalled the end of a "particularly challenging and tumultuous period", the IEC said on Tuesday.

"The Electoral Commission has noted the resignation of Chairperson Advocate Pansy Tlakula," the Electoral Commission said in a statement.

"Her resignation opens the way for the Commission to begin closing a particularly challenging and tumultuous period in the Electoral Commission’s history and to move forward as an institution."

The commission said it hoped history would show Tlakula had "made a significant contribution to deepening electoral democracy both here and outside of South Africa during her long career at the Electoral Commission".

It expressed confidence that it had the "capability, experience and leadership within the IEC to continue to deliver free, fair and credible elections".

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Mc Apple 2014/09/02 08:01:02 PM
So she resigns, does accountability and repercussions now stop or go away? Will Zuma give her a nice job in another country?
proudlysa 2014/09/02 08:10:36 PM
Another "good news" story by the ANC? I don't think so. Bad stories abound wherever the ANC is involved. Corruption, nepotism, crony deployment....may the DA take over ASAP before there is noting left of our beautiful country
Chanaichi Maxwell M Mnthali 2014/09/02 08:11:51 PM
Who cares abt ur resignation? Go well madam see u in future,byeeeeeeee
Micheal Mafunisa Nethononda 2014/09/02 08:12:26 PM
Hlaudi and Jacob Zuma you are the next. EFF Asijiki Tsela thupa
Motlogelwa Seloana 2014/09/02 08:13:49 PM
wait in hear wer is she going. better offer after doing a great job in the elections. AT THE TOP
Gerhard Veldman 2014/09/02 08:19:04 PM
Next stop .... Ambassador!
Michael Freeman 2014/09/02 08:21:33 PM
All very well. What about the millions she has in her bank account.
Sharon Miller 2014/09/02 08:29:12 PM
Who is paying for all the legal costs?
Kevin Marsh 2014/09/02 08:44:05 PM
What about her facing some charges in court ?
Bev Du Preez 2014/09/02 08:44:53 PM
Tata ousie