Madonsela's claims outrageous - ANC

Johannesburg - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's claim that her letter to President Jacob Zuma was leaked by a senior ANC leader is preposterous and outrageous, the ANC said on Monday.

"We call on the public protector to reveal the senior ANC leader who leaked her disputed letter to the media," said spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

"We are hopeful that the public protector will expose those individuals behind the leakages to restore respect and confidence in the office of the public protector," he said.

"Her failure to do so can only confirm our fears that her office is responsible for these confidence-eroding leakages.

He said Madonsela's accusation suggested that she knew who leaked the letter.

Madonsela on Monday said a senior ANC member leaked her letter to President Zuma to the media.

"She has been advised confidentially that it is a senior politician and member of the ruling party that leaked the confidential letter to the media, conduct she considers improper," her spokesperson Kgalalelo Masibi said in a statement.

"The public protector reiterates her appeal to the media to refrain from peddling confidential documents released dishonestly as this tends to shift the focus from real issues."

Kodwa said almost all investigations conducted by the public protector were prematurely leaked to the media and not once had she taken responsibility.

"The consistency of these leakages suggest that it is a ploy by the public protector's office to test public opinion or response before releasing her reports."

He said often the leaked reports were explained as incomplete which suggests that it was her office that could have leaked them.

Madonsela reportedly wrote to Zuma last week that he was second-guessing her recommendations that he should repay money spent on new features that were not related to security, such as a swimming pool, cattle kraal, amphitheatre, and visitors' centre.

Kobus Hattingh 2014/08/26 05:17:01 AM
What's really outrageous is a thieving President who thinks he can get away with it. And his selected followers that will defend him at all costs as their gravy depends on it. Pay back the money Jacob!
mojalefa.s.malepe 2014/08/26 05:18:19 AM
Why not have the man (Zuma) answer for himself? Why always protect the man who is bringing the anc down.? He is resposible for all 'manyofonyofo' happening in this country.
Marc Lambiotte 2014/08/26 05:21:07 AM
Madonsela for president!
Teboho Motsoeneng 2014/08/26 05:21:18 AM
anyone who doesn't believe that it is indeed true the later was leaked by the anc is plain stupid, they leaked the letter so they can place doubts on the ever performing thuli and to shift focus on the real issue.
Eidel Bock 2014/08/26 05:21:35 AM
Oh yee. How do you know that...
Lethukuthula Maphumulo 2014/08/26 05:21:37 AM
Name the Senior Leader THULI!!!!
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/26 05:23:21 AM
Ja we believe u ancORRUPTION.
David Jones 2014/08/26 05:32:12 AM
Why do ladies want to unseat JZ? Why this JZ's strong hold on them? Why this consumption of their energy on this one man ? There is a string of them
Drick Zaal 2014/08/26 05:35:16 AM
How can we respect the Office of the President if we don't respect the man? Bring back Kgalema Montlantle? How can we respect the Speaker of Parliament if we don't respect the women?
Akhenaten 2014/08/26 05:38:10 AM
What goes to the media about Nkandla are reminders of the corruption surrounding Nkandla. This does not help Zuma but underlines his dishonesty time and again.