Mbete to resume Parliament duties

Johannesburg - Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete is expected to be back at work next week, Parliament announced on Tuesday.

"Ms Baleka Mbete is recovering well and is expected to resume her duties in Parliament when the new term starts on 19 August," it said in a statement.

"Ms Mbete was advised by doctors to rest and rebuild her strength following an intense election campaign in May."

Mbete has reportedly only been in Parliament three times since taking her seat after the 7 May general elections.

City Press reported that Mbete had not presided over a sitting of the House since the start of Parliament's new term.

She was redeployed from Luthuli House where she was ANC chairperson.

Mbete was in Parliament the day she was elected Speaker, for President Jacob Zuma's State-of-the-Nation address and to present the legislature's budget vote to the National Assembly.

According to the newspaper, word doing the rounds in Parliament was that Mbete was ill.

This was confirmed by senior officials. With most of the work to establish the new Parliament and budget appropriation processes having been completed, the focus would start to shift more towards oversight and legislation, Parliament said.

"Questions to the President, Women's Month celebrations and the National Council of Provinces' provincial week are some of the highlights on the programme."

Made-In SA 2014/08/12 09:38:48 PM
Tired from the election?And we are suppose to believe that?
Nachos Gracious Maifo 2014/08/12 10:04:10 PM
she is suffering from what she did. " abashwe"
Lionel Krieger 2014/08/12 10:05:18 PM
And back to wheeling and dealing a la corruption and bribery surrounding the Goldfields deal.
Lionel Krieger 2014/08/12 10:06:47 PM
Stealing from the poor Mbete and her ilk wont die an easy death.
MJS1234 2014/08/12 10:09:57 PM
So over excuses, let us have people who want to work.... With so many unemployed, f*** off if you can't be there!
Redphi 2014/08/12 10:29:37 PM
Worst of all is we pay for this bunch of useless B-holes
Redphi 2014/08/12 10:34:50 PM
What duties? Stealing,cheating,lying,manipulating etc.?
Douglas Ross 2014/08/12 10:41:56 PM
How can you be tired of the election campaign and then expect to serve in government? This is where the real work should start
Johan Kotze 2014/08/12 10:52:25 PM
Criminals always return to the scene of the crime!
Andre Nunes979 2014/08/12 10:56:17 PM
Told you that tub of KFC would do the trick