Minister subpoenaed over Motsoeneng appointment

Johannesburg - Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has subpoenaed Communications Minister Faith Muthambi as part of her investigation into the permanent appointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng as SABC COO, her office said on Wednesday.

"The public protector wrote to the minister last month requesting a meeting and the minister responded by saying that as the matter is a subject of an ongoing court process, she was not going to avail herself for a meeting with the public protector, spokesperson Kgalalelo Masibi said.

"The public protector decided to subpoena the minister because attempts to persuade her to meet have been ignored by the minister."

In February, Madonsela released a report on Motsoeneng, while he was acting chief operations officer.

She found that his salary increased from R1.5m to R2.4m in one year, that he had purged senior staff, and misrepresented his qualifications - that he had passed matric - to the SABC.

At the time, Madonsela recommended that a new COO be appointed to the SABC within 90 days.

In early July, Muthambi announced Motsoeneng's appointment, saying the decision was taken following a recommendation by the SABC board.

She said he was cleared of all wrongdoing by a legal firm before being appointed permanently.

At the time, the DA launched a high court bid to have the appointment set aside.

Muthambi has filed court papers opposing it.

Mr T. 2014/08/06 08:08:55 PM
Introducing the license for journalist is a brilliant idea. This will ensure that the country is fed with the correct information and people are reading stories that are of the National Interests.
Zuko Tolobisa 2014/08/06 08:14:13 PM
Those two should be fired.
Adrian Woon 2014/08/06 08:15:19 PM
If misrepresenting ones qualifications is usually deemed by employers to be a summary dismissible offence, then how can a 'law firm' consider it to be otherwise and clear the individual of all wrongdoing?
Hasani P 2014/08/06 08:25:01 PM
Chapter 9 institutions are the cornerstones of our constitutional democracy which many people have laid down their life . Our leaders have taken an oaths to uphold the constitution and to ignore the public protector's orders should be taken in a very serious light, and in fact, is a breach of the oath . What the minister and the president are doing calls for serious action if we still live by the constitution . We the citizentry should call for immediate accountability
Bernd Kankowski 2014/08/06 08:30:24 PM
@Themba Nsele - it is just a typical comment by yourself and many others that have absolutely no clue of what is going on in this country. The journalists are currently exposing all the corrupt officials and ministers in government. That is of national importance. The fact that most of them are under qualified or not qualified at all for the positions they hold is of national importance. These individuals are wasting billions on fraud, corruption, consultants to do the work these overpaid and overweight individuals are supposed to do. This affects foreign investment which affects job creation, which affects tax revenue, which in turn creates deficits on foreign loans and so it goes on. What is your take on national importance. There is no service delivery, there is tender fraud, jobs for pals, ministers who say they doctors who aren't. Get a life. There is no good story to tell. Not at all
Rodney 2014/08/06 08:31:12 PM
seens i know all the ministers i never saw a fool idiot minister like this one...
To Tyu 2014/08/06 08:57:32 PM
cadre deployment
Bertus Pretorius 2014/08/06 09:59:09 PM
Subpoena zuma over nkandla?
Marco Do Rego 2014/08/06 10:16:46 PM
This guy has tsotsi eyes
Alfred Carolissen 2014/08/06 10:20:17 PM
wow one can wonder where zuma gets his troops,when he sing all of them dance to a false tune