Retired judge must preside over debate - Malema

Cape Town - A retired judge should be appointed to chair parliamentary debates, EFF leader Julius Malema suggested on Thursday.

Briefing journalists after an Economic Freedom Fighters' caucus meeting, Malema called into question the objectivity of Parliament's current presiding officers.

"We are not impressed at all with these presiding officers because of their partisan attitude when they deal with matters of Parliament," Malema said.

"Everything they do, the ANC tells them what to do."

The appointment of a retired judge would cut out "subjective rulings".

"We should have a retired judge presiding over the two Houses... so that there is objective rulings on any matter," he said.

"Retired judges are not scared of anything. They are not looking for promotion."

Several of the 25 EFF MPs have been ruled out of order many times since they were sworn in in the National Assembly on 21 May.

Malema was ordered to leave a joint parliamentary sitting last month after refusing to withdraw a remark accusing the ANC of murdering mineworkers in Marikana in 2012.

He has since filed papers in the Western Cape High Court asking that the ruling be declared unlawful.

Malema claims his statements fall under the protection of the Constitution and wants an apology from National Council of Provinces chairperson Thandi Modise.

Claims of humiliation

In a 10-page affidavit, he claims he and the EFF have been humiliated.

Several parliamentary debates since then have seen temperatures rise, and have resulted in the ejection of other EFF MPs.

Malema said despite the rulings against them, this was only the beginning, as MPs would continue to be a "necessary irritation" in Parliament.

"We are here to make them run for their money. They are sleeping here," he said.

"We are going to hit them hard towards the point where the real person comes out."

Malema also took a swipe at ANC MPs, calling them "weak" after he and his party were compared to former German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.

The claims were originally made by Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela during a parliamentary debate.

"What they know is slogans, songs and rhetoric," he said.

"They are very good at howling. Sometimes you can even think they are drunk the way they howl," Malema said.


Helen Sanya 2014/07/31 10:46:43 PM
Let the circus begin!
Lucky Tiva 2014/07/31 10:52:54 PM
May the Heavens shield this man from harm because he is forthright.
mmmmTim 2014/07/31 10:52:56 PM
Yup, he is right. How can the speaker of the house be allowed to be as partisan as the current ones. A retired judge or two would be a good solution if agreed to by 2/3rds of the house.
Bloodstone 2014/07/31 11:00:26 PM
Ja Ja drol, you are an anarchist - (and an uneduducated idiot)nothing more. A couple of years ago you would have been labled quite differently - something we can't repeat now since the word "terrorist" is not considered correct.
Phakamani E Mntungwa 2014/07/31 11:04:31 PM
"Claims of humilation" hahahaha why would anybody in their sane state of mind humiliate EFF, they are doing that all by themselves.
Teko Mohaeka 2014/07/31 11:07:25 PM
And the dont sleep these days CIC,even at their luxurious homes
Misheck Mujeuri 2014/07/31 11:20:17 PM
True dat Juju
Janine Hughes 2014/07/31 11:24:08 PM
Julius Malema. What can I say. Not even the ANC wants you. You are an outcast with court cases against you and going around corrupting our youth saying if you want something ,take it. Now the ANC youth group doesn't want you either. Shame man . You didn't go through the struggle like many of our black true patriots. You are starting to remind me of how Zimbabwe got into the state they are. To feed a nation you have to teach them how to feed themselves. Normally education would be a start. You are a disgrace to this country.
Moss Kop 2014/07/31 11:26:13 PM
Is not about who chairs. Is about respicting South Africans, and doing away to hate one another. We want top service.
Sihle Nyamezela Wethu Motaung 2014/07/31 11:27:12 PM
Malema u wasting our time because u promise u jobs please deliver those stoppable