Systems in place to guard against dishonesty - Zuma

Johannesburg - The public service has a system in place to disqualify those who misrepresent their qualifications or withhold damaging information, President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday.

"In cases where an applicant deliberately misrepresented their qualifications or withheld damaging information, such an act can establish acceptable grounds for the rejection of an application," Zuma said in a written reply to a parliamentary question by Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota.

"All public servants are required to abide by the code of conduct. Failure to abide by the code of conduct results in disciplinary action and possible dismissal," Zuma said.

Lekota inquired whether government had a clear policy on disqualifying those appointed to key posts who had misrepresented qualifications, or withheld damaging information such as their tax affairs.

Zuma said departments had to conduct pre-employment verifications before an appointment or filling a post was effected.

All applicants for posts in the public service were obliged to indicate on the application form whether they had been dismissed from previous employment or been convicted of a criminal offence.

"This information is verified through the compulsory verification checks undertaken by each department prior to appointment. The failure to honestly disclose may result in disqualification," he said.

On Monday, African National Congress secretary general Gwede Mantashe said in a statement that party stalwart Pallo Jordan had resigned from Parliament and apologised to the ANC after reports that his qualifications were false.

Jordan had also offered to resign from the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANC and from the ANC.

Antonio Tonin 2014/08/13 07:08:30 PM
Louis Scholtz 2014/08/13 07:10:04 PM
Dishonest butternut...
Reg Nagel 2014/08/13 07:11:09 PM
the clown again..
Akhenaten 2014/08/13 07:11:57 PM
That's right Chief, you tell them how to be honest people and serve the community.
James Cussen 2014/08/13 07:12:16 PM
There should be a policy to disqualify you as being voted president if you are a corrupt, incompetent, thieving, nepotistic, moron...
Onalenna Korite 2014/08/13 07:13:09 PM
bathong,look who is talking,or didnt read well.he means you must be honest in corruption you leave being corrupt you will be jailed..ANC members must continue to steal
Kobus de Villiers 2014/08/13 07:13:46 PM
... lol
Petrus Kruger 2014/08/13 07:14:50 PM
ha ha ... incredible robust systems !! be still !
Mark Heath 2014/08/13 07:17:00 PM
Oh shut up potato head
Siphe Madikazi 2014/08/13 07:19:22 PM
those systems are flawed, that is quite evident and we can all agree on that..say maybe a review of these "systems" Mr.President