Zuma and Putin discuss strengthening relations

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma has met Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss ways in which their countries could strengthen relations, the presidency said on Thursday.

"The two presidents deliberated around a host of issues that affect the two countries, and discussed how they could further strengthen and consolidate the good bilateral relations that exist between the two countries", the presidency said in a statement.

"The two leaders also discussed ways to strengthen the existing bilateral agreements and mutual co-operation."

Putin is said to have welcomed Zuma's visit and encouraged both countries to work together in implementing the decisions that were taken last year during the state visit of South Africa to Russia.

"He emphasised the need for Russian and South African ministers to work together in taking forward the bilateral agreements.”

"President Putin further commended the work that has been done by the joint Russia-SA business council, which saw a rise in trade between SA and Russia which grew by 13% in 2013, which represents a significant growth in trade between the two countries."

Putin briefed Zuma on the situation in the Ukraine and underlined his commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

"The two presidents also discussed issues around the developments in the Middle East, in particular around the resolution of the Israeli-Palestine conflict through peaceful means."

Zuma raised the matter of the repatriation of South African activists who were buried in Russia, including Ivor David Jones, J B Marks and Moses Kotane.

"He thanked the government of Russia for taking care of the heroes who are buried in Moscow and he indicated that there are discussions and arrangements that are ongoing between Russia and SA about how the repatriation process should be handled", the presidency said.

Etienne Wehrli 2014/08/29 09:27:34 AM
2 peas in a pod
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/29 09:40:25 AM
I smell another corruption rat .......
Lima 2014/08/29 09:50:59 AM
Partners in crime! World's 2 most wanted thugs..
Steve Felder 2014/08/29 09:52:11 AM
Birds of a feather
Klein Dins 2014/08/29 09:54:40 AM
Gud for South Africa.
Justin Slabert 2014/08/29 09:58:06 AM
Two commies who are almost the same. Difference is Putin actually knows what he is doing!! But both corrupt narcissistic bufoons!!
Crabclaw 2014/08/29 10:00:05 AM
I work in the financial services sector - if you do business in any way with Russia, the EU and US leave you in the lurch, especially after the latest round of sanctions. Typical - when no-one else wants you, welcome to South Africa ! Krecjir (sp ?)is a case in point. Soort soek soort !
Goldie Saturnz 2014/08/29 10:05:39 AM
its more like discussions about South Africa buying Russian nuclear reactors
Venicia Williams 2014/08/29 10:14:19 AM
zuma handing SA over to RUSSIA WITH LOVE...what do we do with such an IGNORANT prezzie?
John Stoltz 2014/08/29 10:28:38 AM
Just hope JZ never discussed the proposed nuclear power station which I believe will cost the RSA tax payer some $100 billion! Imagine what cut can be derived from that deal! (and that negotiaition will take place without a single South African expert present!!!)Just the person with a standard 3 education!!