Google will give you $1m for your green idea

Google is offering a million-dollar prize for a breakthrough that would make solar or wind generated electricity more enticing for everyday uses.

Fake Google Play apps target data, cash - report

Most of the applications on Google's Play Store online site have fake copies loaded with malware to steal personal and financial information, says a report.
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Google smartphone suit plays into rivals' hands

A US consumer lawsuit accusing Google of monopolising prime real estate on Android smartphones will help mobile rivals like Microsoft make their antitrust case with European regulators.
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Debate rages over snooping of Google user e-mails

A federal judge has granted prosecutors access to a Gmail user's e-mails as part of a criminal probe, a decision that could fan the debate over how aggressively the government may pursue personal data.

Finland cashes in on cold

With freezing winters where the mercury can sink well below zero and cool summers, Finland has attracted technology giants such as Google and Microsoft.
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Bill ensures emails, photos won't die

A group of influential US lawyers has the answer to the question of what would happen to Facebook, Yahoo and other online accounts when a person dies.

Ford ex-boss Allan Mulally joins Google

Google has announced that former Ford Motor Group Company chief, Allan Mulally has joined its board of directors.

Is social media killing you?

I fear for the youth getting lost in social media so deeply that we end up living our lives over the phone or iPad, writes Zareef Minty.

Prostitute in Google exec case linked to 2nd death

Two months before police say a high-priced prostitute calmly left a Google executive dying from a heroin overdose, the woman panicked on the phone with police as her boyfriend lay in the throes of a fatal overdose.
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Prostitute held in Google exec heroin death

A high priced prostitute killed a Google executive with a lethal dose of heroin and then fled his yacht in California, authorities have alleged.
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Naver goes global with messaging app

The founder of Naver is stepping onto the world stage with Line, a messaging app developed to overcome communications wiped out after the 2011 tsunami.

AT&T to sell LG smartwatches

AT&T says it will be the first US wireless carrier to sell the LG Electronics smartwatch, a wrist watch that connects to Android phones.
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World leaders look to BlackBerry over security fears

BlackBerry might be under pressure due to the rise of Android smartphones and Apple iPhone devices, but the company is seeing adoption of its devices by people concerned about security.
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Google flooded with removal requests

Some of the world's biggest news sites have hit back at Google for removing links following Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling, saying it's like burning books.
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EU could probe Google YouTube dominance

Europe's antitrust chief has said he could investigate Google's YouTube if he saw any attempt by the company to abuse its dominant position in online video searching.
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