Social media pushes back at militant propaganda

The extremists of the Islamic State group have turned their social media into a theatre of horror, broadcasting a stomach-turning stream of battles, bombings and beheadings to a global audience.
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Google considering YouTube, Gmail accounts for kids

Google is considering allowing online accounts for children under the age of 13 and give their parents control over how the service is used, according to media reports.
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Stalking lion cub online video goes viral

A video of a lion cub stalking a dog has gone viral on YouTube as several South Africans watched the short clip.

Look, no hands! Test driving a Google car

One of Google's driverless car pioneers says the company is developing the car because thousands of people are killed in car accidents every year.
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Google Glass available in SA - at a price

South Africans may have their first chance to try out Google Glass, but it comes at a cost.
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Google, Asian firms laying underwater cable

Google is partnering with five Asian telecom firms to build a $300m underwater cable across the Pacific Ocean in a bid to meet surging internet use.
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Read all about it: News you can wear

Even if you don't open a newspaper, turn on a television, log on to a computer or pull out a smartphone, you can get news -- from wearable technology.
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Google to reward secure websites with search ranking

Google has said it is encouraging website developers to make their sites secure for visitors by using site encryption as one of the factors to determine search ranking.

Court rules tycoon can sue Google over 'triad' link

A Hong Kong court has ruled that a local tycoon can sue Google for defamation because searches for his name on Google suggest adding the word "triad".
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Google defends child porn tip-offs to police

Google has defended its policy of electronically monitoring its users' content for child sexual abuse after it tipped off police in Texas to a child pornography suspect.
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Google bombs 'Bomb Gaza' game

A mobile game that simulates Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and invites users to "drop bombs and avoid killing civilians" has been pulled from Google's app store.
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Here's how to avoid internet embarrassment

Personal images and content uploaded on the internet may leave many South Africans wondering how to remove unpleasant content.

Google says 'forgetting' isn't easy, as requests mount

Google has told European officials that forgetting isn't easy, especially when details are few and guidelines are murky regarding when personal privacy trumps public interest.

Smartphone flaws put users at risk

Security researchers have revealed two separate threats they say could put up to 90% of the world's two billion smartphones at risk.

Android juggernaut gives iPhone, Microsoft a beating

Android is charging ahead with market share on smart mobile device at the expense of rivals.
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