Identifying Mali air crash victims could take years

Identifying the victims from last week's Air Algerie crash in Mali "could take weeks, months and maybe years", Algeria's chief of police says.
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Air Algerie jet plunged rapidly

The Air Algerie flight that crashed in Mali last week appears to have plummeted to the ground from an altitude of 10 000 metres in just a few minutes after flying into a storm.
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No intact bodies in grim Air Algerie probe

French experts have been meticulously sifting through the debris of the Air Algerie plane that disintegrated over the Mali desert, killing all 118 on board. They have yet to see a single intact body
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Body of young stowaway found in US military plane

The body of a stowaway has been found inside a compartment near the wheel well of an Air Force cargo plane that landed in Germany, US officials say triggering questions about security.
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Air Algerie pilots asked to turn back

France says the pilots of the Air Algerie passenger plane that crashed in Mali, killing all 118 people on board, had asked to turn back.
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Air Algerie black boxes in France

Black boxes from the Air Algerie flight that went down in Mali have arrived in France for analysis.

French flags fly half-mast after Air Algerie tragedy

Flags are flying at half-mast in France in mourning for the 118 victims of the Air Algerie plane tragedy, as investigators wait for the black boxes from the crash site to arrive.

Mali opens inquiry into Air Algerie crash

Mali has opened a judicial probe into the Air Algerie plane disaster as part of international efforts to determine the cause of the crash.
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Investigators scour through debris at Mali crash

French investigators have scoured through the debris of a shattered Air Algerie jetliner in Mali's remote desert north to get to the cause of the third global air disaster in eight days.
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Air Algerie jet's black boxes to be sent to France

A French embassy spokesperson says black boxes from the Air Algerie plane that crashed in northern Mali will be taken to France for analysis.

UN finds second black box of Air Algerie jet

The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali says its experts have found the second black box of the Air Algerie flight that crashed, killing all 118 people on board.
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Air France ends diversion from Mali crash site

Air France-KLM has ended a temporary precautionary measure which diverted its traffic away from the site in northern Mali of the crashed Air Algerie airline.
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First images emerge of Air Algerie crash site

The first images of the Air Algerie crash site in Mali have emerged showing a stark terrain littered with bits of a plane that appears to have been pulverised on impact.
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Air France to avoid Mali crash site as "precaution"

Air France-KLM is to avoid flying over the site in northern Mali of the crashed Air Algerie airlines as a "precautionary measure", a spokesperson for the French group says.

Mali govt, rebels agree on 'roadmap' for talks

Mali’s government and Tuareg-led rebels have signed an agreement for a roadmap toward securing a broader peace deal to end decades of uprisings in the north.
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