Wreckage of missing Algerian airliner found in Mali

The wreckage of an Air Algerie plane missing with 116 people on board, has been found in Mali near the Burkina Faso border, an army co-ordinator in Ouagadougou says.
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France to use military in Mali to find missing jet

President Francois Hollande has vowed to deploy all of France's military means in Mali, where it has hundreds of troops, to track down a missing Algerian plane.

Wreckage of Air Algerie spotted - president

Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has said that the wreckage of a missing Air Algerie flight had been spotted in his country's northern desert.
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Last contact with flight AH 5017 was over Mali

An Algerian aviation official says the last contact Algerian authorities had with a missing Air Algerie aircraft carrying 116 people from Burkina Faso to Algiers was when it was flying over Gao, Mali.
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France announces new operation in Africa

France has announced the redeployment of 3 000 troops in five of its former colonies across northwest Africa as part of an operation to help fight terrorism in the region.
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French president Hollande visits Niger

France's president is paying a visit to the former colony of Niger, a landlocked desert nation in West Africa that has played a key role in French military efforts in the region.

Jihadists claim French soldier blast

A jihadist movement led by al-Qaeda-linked Mokhtar Belmokhtar has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed a French soldier in Mali.

Terrorism: France to redeploy its troops in Africa

The redeployment of 3 000 French troops in five of its former colonies across northwest Africa is expected to become official in the coming days.
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Mali peace talks start after prisoner swap

Mali's government and rebels are holding peace talks in Algiers intended to end decades of uprisings by northern Tuareg tribes after an exchange of prisoners helped to get the negotiations started.

Mali govt 'ready to go far' in peace talks

The Bamako government is ready to make concessions within its "red lines" to clinch an accord with armed groups from northern Mali, Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop says.

Mali govt, rebels swap prisoners before peace talks

Tuareg rebels and the Malian government have exchanged dozens of prisoners in a goodwill gesture on the eve of peace talks opening in Algiers.

Legionnaire killed in Mali suicide bombing

A French soldier has been killed in the first suicide bombing targeting France's forces in northern Mali.

France wrapping up military operation in Mali

France's defence minister says the French military operation in Mali "fulfilled its mission" and is being reorganised into a regional force against terrorists across northwest Africa.
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At least 20 killed in Mali rebel clashes

At least 20 people have been killed during violent clashes between two Tuareg rebel groups in northern Mali, the military says.
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Mali to meet northern Tuareg rebels

Mali government officials are set to meet northern Tuareg separatist rebels in Algiers, Frecnh Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says, indicating progress in their stalled peace talks.
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