Small island states seek economic overhaul

Small island states facing a "frightening" rise in sea levels will seek investments in everything from solar energy to fisheries to boost their economies.

Kenya recycles global e-waste

Dead floppy drive: Kenyan company recycles global e-waste; lawmakers debate new e-waste law

GPS measures west US drought, finds Earth rising

Scientists using GPS technology to study the extent of the western US drought say the water shortage is causing parts of the Earth's crust to rise.
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36 jackals poisoned in Addo Elephant Park

A reward has been offered by the Addo Elephant National Park after 36 jackals and two crows were poisoned.
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Oil thieves cause pipeline leak, pollute Mexico river

Thieves who tapped an oil pipeline in northern Mexico caused a spill that contaminated the San Juan River, a key irrigation source for farmers says.

Silva's economic proposals for Brazil

Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva has little experience with economic policy, but her advisers promise a more business-friendly approach.

Wildfire near Yosemite sparks 13 000 evacuations

Californian authorities say they have issued more than 13 000 evacuation orders near Yosemite National Park due to a wildfire encroaching on the US tourist attraction.
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Brazil praised for saving forests

Brazil has made good progress in safeguarding the Amazon rainforest but Indonesia's plans for its forests could face setbacks under a new government, a study says.

Glacial melt mostly caused by man-made damage

More than two-thirds of the recent rapid melting of the world's glaciers can be blamed on humans, a new study says.
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Penguin habitats at risk

A study has found that penguins' existence is affected by habitat loss, pollution and fishing and more marine protected areas need to be established, the environmental affairs department says.

Tibet's glaciers at their warmest in 2 000 years

The Tibetan plateau, whose glaciers supply water to hundreds of millions of people in Asia, has been warmer over the past 50 years than at any stage in the past two millennia, a Chinese newspaper says.
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Just one major storm floods Long Island

New York's heaviest downpour on record has dumped a summer's worth of rain on parts of Long Island in a matter of hours, swamping highways, flooding basements and causing at least one death.
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China urges public to walk, ride bikes

China has issued a behavioural standards guide to combat pollution and reduce environmental damage.
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DRC urged to do more to stop illegal logging

The DRC takes pride in recent steps to prevent illegal logging in its vast equatorial forests, but experts argue these measures are far from enough to stop a thriving business.

EC cuts fish quotas for 10 countries

The European Commission has cut this year's fishing quotas for 10 member countries, to compensate for overfishing in 2013.
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