Your Brazilian coffee may be in jeopardy

Harvest of the world's biggest coffee and sugar cane crops may be stalled by the rain that is in store for southeast Brazil, forecasters say.

Putting plastic to the pedal

Two young Czech adventurers have set sail from Czech Nymburk to Hamburg in Germany, on a pedal boat made entirely of empty plastic bottles.
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Fishing in Paris ‘trending' for young hipsters

The once polluted Seine River in France has now become a hub for fishermen from all over the world. The waterway has been cleaned up and turned into a popular haunt for young bohemians.

UK sticks with tough carbon goal despite opposition

Britain's government say it would stick with a goal to curb emissions by 2027 to 50% of the 1990 levels, a target that has led to political opposition and that its own advisers have said will be hard to meet.

Britain set to curb carbon emissions by 50%

The British government has vowed to stick with a goal to curb emissions by 2027 to 50% of the 1990 levels.

Zuma must halt fracking in Karoo - TKAG, AfriForum

President Jacob Zuma has been given 30 days to halt the issuing of exploration licences for fracking in the Karoo, the Treasure Karoo Action Group and AfriForum say.
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Reasons why pork is better than beef

Beef is by far the most costly protein when it comes to the environmental damage wreaked by feeding and raising cattle, according to a new study.
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Nicotine pesticides phased out due to bee threat

Federal wildlife refuges in the US will phase out a class of pesticides that are chemically similar to nicotine because they pose a threat to bees and other pollinators key to crop growth.
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Calls for a 'controlled hunt' of seals

Decades after gray seals were all but wiped out in New England waters, the population has rebounded so much that some frustrated residents are calling for a controlled hunt.
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Japan will offer $20 000 to use greener cars

Japan will offer at least $19 700 in subsidies for fuel-cell vehicles, Shinzo Abe says, as the government and Japanese car makers join forces to speed up the introduction the vehicles.
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Sanctuary saves tragically abused animals

The Communal Living Biopark Pachuca is the first refuge of its kind in Mexico to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate exotic animals.
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Indian farmers face 'hell' due to late monsoon

Indian farmer Asghar Bhura scrapes a living by growing sugarcane, but this year's late monsoon has left his tiny plot parched and he will earn nothing from his harvest.

Plus-sized parking spaces for Chinese women

The parking spaces outside a Chinese shopping mall are distinctive: marked out in pink, signposted 'Respectfully reserved for women', and around 30cm wider than normal.
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Massive crater in Siberia causing concerns

Russian scientists say they believe a 60m wide crater discovered recently in far northern Siberia could be the result of changing temperatures in the region.
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Germany most energy efficient nation

Germany is the world's most energy efficient nation with strong codes on buildings while China is quickly stepping up its own efforts, an environmental group says.
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