Isolated indigenous communities under threat

Indigenous people in the most remote regions of South America are under threat from development, a regional human rights body has warned, urging that inhabitants these areas be left alone.

Paris tourists share picnics with rats

On a summer's day in central Paris, hundreds of tourists are enjoying a picnic in the Tuileries garden. It's a stone's throw from the Louvre museum, with just one drawback, the rats.

US plans wide seismic testing of sea floor

The US is planning to use sound blasting to conduct research on the ocean floor, using technology similar to that which spawned a court battle between environmentalists and researchers.

Act now on climate or see costs soar: White House

Putting off expensive measures to curb climate change will only cost the US more in the long run, the White House says in a report meant to bolster actions to address global warming

US plans to ban import of boa constrictors

A US proposal to ban the import and interstate sale of boa constrictors and four other snake species prompted protests from exotic pet owners and concern among Florida wildlife regulators.
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Malaysia air quality 'unhealthy' as haze descends

Air quality around Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur and on Borneo Island is 'unhealthy', with one town reaching 'very unhealthy"'levels as haze, mostly from forest fires in Indonesia.

UK re-opens fracking proposals

Energy firms will be able to bid for licenses to explore for shale gas in the UK, three years after the fracking process caused seismic tremors which led the government to suspend operations.

California wildfires claim 13 homes

Wildfires burning near Northern California vineyards and in the Yosemite National Park area are threatening hundreds of homes even as crews work to contain them.

5 things to know about coal & climate change

Here are 5 things to know about how US coal exports shift the global warming problem onto other countries.

Australia approves huge India-backed mine

Australia has approved a massive coal mine that could provide electricity for up to 100 million Indians, angering environmentalists who warned it may threaten the Great Barrier Reef.
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Geneticists offer clues to better crops

Scientists have laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops.
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'Shocking' underground water loss in US drought

A major drought across the US has sapped underground water resources, posing a greater threat to the water supply than previously understood, scientists say.
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Nasa reveals 2012 secret

Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilisation back to the 18th century", Nasa says.
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Heat waves persist with tragic consequences

Leaving children in parked cars in the blazing heat of summer: it's so obviously wrong, yet it happens with astonishing regularity, with tragic results.
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How our animals are dying

As the number of humans on Earth has nearly doubled over the past four decades, the number of bugs, slugs, worms and crustaceans has declined by 45%, researchers say.
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