Mobile app helps African farmers turn a profit

A mobile app is helping farmers in Ghana increase crop yields and connect with industry players through an online communications medium that is easily accessible and cost-effective.

BSkyB to pay billions to create Sky Europe

Britain's BSkyB has agreed to pay around £4.9bn ($8.3bn) to buy Rupert Murdoch's pay-TV assets in Germany and Italy.

Hisense promises latest tech, no dumping

Hisense has promised South Africans that it will not dump technology in the country as it fights for a bigger share of the local appliance market.
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Virtual reality used to change stubborn farmers

Australian researchers are using the online world of Second Life to teach sugar cane farmers about climate change and new technologies they can use to reduce water use and fertiliser run-off.

Tech firms still mostly white, male

Technology companies are still largely seen as too white and too male, and a new diversity publication from Pinterest seems to confirm this perception.
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Google will give you $1m for your green idea

Google is offering a million-dollar prize for a breakthrough that would make solar or wind generated electricity more enticing for everyday uses.

Ultra high definition TVs boost LG Display

LG Display says its earnings for the April - June quarter more than doubled thanks to improved demand for ultra-high-definition TVs.

SA needs PhDs urgently, says Pandor

South Africa is producing too few doctoral graduates, Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor says.
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Radar search to find lost Aboriginal burial site

Scientists say they hope that radar technology will help them find a century-old Aboriginal burial ground on an Australian island, bringing some closure to the local population.

Japan will offer $20 000 to use greener cars

Japan will offer at least $19 700 in subsidies for fuel-cell vehicles, Shinzo Abe says, as the government and Japanese car makers join forces to speed up the introduction the vehicles.
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BSkyB to bet big on European expansion

BSkyB's plan to buy Rupert Murdoch's pay-TV assets in Italy and Germany is a bold bet on long-term growth at the expense of short-term profit

Pope demands justice for Argentina terror attack

Pope Francis is demanding justice for the victims of Argentina's worst terrorist attack, using an amateur Smartphone video message, recorded on the fly by a visiting friend.
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One man propeller jets may stop rhino poaching

Only in science fiction, a one-man flying machine is now a viable and a cost-effective option for the police, according to a UK company. Could this be the answer to rhino poaching?
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Future of Toyota in hydrogen fuel cells

Rocket science long dismissed as too impractical and expensive for everyday cars is getting a push into the mainstream by Toyota, the world's top-selling automaker.
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6 things your website should do for you

If you’re only going to invest properly in one piece of collateral, your website should be it, writes Chemory Gunko.
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