RIM to offer free voice calls on BBM

Toronto - BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is announcing a new feature for its popular BBM messaging service. It will allow its customers to make free voice calls over a Wi-Fi network.

RIM said on Wednesday that BBM users will be able to switch back and forth from a text chat to a voice call. RIM also says a split-screen option will let them talk and text at the same time.

The Canadian company says the BBM voice feature is especially attractive for developing markets. Unlike regular texts, BBM messages are not charged on a per-text basis.

RIM is struggling in North America to hold onto customers who are abandoning BlackBerrys for flashier iPhones and Android phone. But the BlackBerry continues to sell well in markets like South Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia.
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vuvuadi 2012/11/15 08:15:06 AM
No, this won't save you!
Leon Pieterse 2012/11/15 08:24:29 AM
So what? Skype's been around for ages.
Dagga Magazine 2012/11/15 08:27:41 AM
Lol all BB users don't know any better... over wifi only shame... so you cannot use it while on the move? Fail! Android forever!
Frenchie 2012/11/15 08:28:22 AM
Richard Kidger 2012/11/15 08:33:32 AM
How can this be a win in markets like SA?! Free wifi is few and far between.
Daniel Schay 2012/11/15 08:36:17 AM
Does this mean blackberry is getting a Viber app?
UNITY 2012/11/15 08:36:26 AM
sounds like some sour switch overs... great for blackberry users, not for others..
Cherri Pye 2012/11/15 08:39:17 AM
Maybe it will be allowed on other networks, but definitely not by the throttlers, MTN.
Thapelo Maleka 2012/11/15 08:42:21 AM
free wifi my ass. not via my business network PPooE has a password to bypass first
Agosthino Mikhail Goliath 2012/11/15 08:43:58 AM
After MTN has killed the BIS service I won't ever buy a BB again. Iphone is up next for me. I feel sorry that MTN and vodacom has killed any chance for BB to sell well in sa. Normal browsing is not even possible anymore. Blame MTN for RIM's failure in South Africa! A great company, killed by greedy networks!