Malaysia Airlines averts 3rd tragedy in 5 months

Cape Town -  The dire spell being experienced by Malaysia Airlines almost took a third turn for the worst over the weekend after one of its flights escaped colliding with another airline in Australia.

International Business Times AU reports Malaysia Airlines Flight MH136 almost collided with Tiger Airways Flight TT449.

The report states an air traffic controller at the Adelaide airport realised the Airbus A330-300 jet , bound for Kuala Lumpur was about to collide with Tiger Airway's Airbus A320-200 plane.

Watch a reconstruction of what happened in Adelaide here.

The Tiger Airway flight reportedly requested a routine go-around as its approach was too unstable for landing.  Malaysia Airlines flight MH136 was already accelerating for take-off when it was told to abort. Flight MH136’s departure was delayed by an estimated 20 minutes and arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur 10-minutes later than expected.

Malaysia Airlines is said to still be reeling from the MH370 and MH17 tragedies.   

MH370 left from Kuala Lumpur on March 8 for Beijing and until now remains missing, while MH17 left Amsterdam on July 17, bound for the Malaysian capital when it was hit by a missile allegedly fired by Moscow-backed Ukrainian rebels.
Cheryl Childs 2014/08/04 01:25:23 PM
Right. "The Tiger Airway flight reportedly requested a routine go-around as its approach was too unstable for landing". And the Malaysia Airlines flight was still ON THE GROUND and they were the ones requested to abort due to the Tiger Airway flight's problem. Possibly an overreaction on my part, but the way this article is written makes it sounds as if the AM flight was the one about to cause the crash.
Lor Dantebellum 2014/08/04 01:26:05 PM
Cor Blimey !!!
Abongile S. Ngozi 2014/08/04 01:33:17 PM
The Malaysians must slaughter a beast & brew some beer.
Edward Spainell 2014/08/04 01:35:28 PM
So, the Tiger Airways flight requested a go-around as is the pilot's prerogative if he feels he can't land safely. The go-around would have placed the landing plane in the flight path of the Malaysian Airlines plane which was taking off with clearance. The controller recognized this and aborted the Malaysian take-off. This is routine and standard practice, so why does it get a global news article just because it is Malaysian Airlines. I suppose, anything to get eyeballs on screens.
Joseph Matebane 2014/08/04 01:57:51 PM
Eeeeh Old story
Percy Ferrao 2014/08/04 02:26:39 PM
No Shame News24??? This is one of the worst articles I have read! Trying to manufacture news!
Christina Setloboko 2014/08/04 02:33:53 PM
I really feel for air Malaysia this is really a bad year for them. cant imagine what they are going through.
Laurence Weyers 2014/08/04 03:10:58 PM
So long as Malaysian Airlines wasn't passed vector 1 on the runway then this isn't a newsworthy article
truthbetold221 2014/08/04 03:16:16 PM
I only clicked because it's got "Malaysian Airlines" in the title. Give them a break.
Khutso Bokaba 2014/08/04 03:18:48 PM
Old article. Wasting news24 resources