Durban pays special tribute to Madiba with beach art

Durban - If you thought Durban was lagging in its tribute to Madiba - take a look at this image posted on Facebook by O Magazine. Well done guys!

There are no details as to who was involved in creating this stunning image which from an aerial shot shows people standing in place to form the face of Nelson Mandela.

It really is special with facebook users commenting and calling it "Dope", "Awesome" and "A fitting tribute to our Father". If you have any details to share email us on

Terrylin Backpackers 2013/12/12 06:56:01 PM
George Williams 2013/12/12 08:55:03 PM
Well done Durbs
Peter Bendheim 2013/12/13 12:01:38 AM
You should really check your facts, News 24. This is an American artist named Craig Alan, Mr Alan, 40, has created paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley, as well as the Statue of Liberty, with his realist technique. They are not even real people, but painted. Google it, News 24!
Claudyta Pastén 2013/12/13 07:04:14 PM
que maravilloso!!
Bea Heyfinch 2013/12/17 01:49:16 AM
absolute nonsense, where do you get your news from. do you even research ??? it's a painting!!