Everything you need to know about the State's closing argument

By the end of day 40 of Oscar Pistorius's trial, the State had concluded its closing argument and the defence began theirs. Here's everything you need to know. Watch.
Tomorrowss Dreamss 2014/08/07 04:27:11 PM
I predict 20 - 25 years in jail, and parole in the 12th year. Murder.
Lerato Motsohi 2014/08/08 12:08:50 PM
i believe that OP killed girlfriend Reeva over anger and jelousy...why not just admit it...you sorry, we were having an argument and i shot her...OP is a blady coward, thinks he can get a way with it....for that he should get a life sentence for cold blooded murder. Nel was right he is a liar...why would you shoot four times behind a closed door the "attacker" wasnt even attacking you!!!
Vano Ivan 2014/08/10 01:36:24 PM
Eish!!! so bad just give the poor guy a break...
Switcase Suitcase Gezelwayo 2014/08/11 07:21:18 PM
Oscar =NOT guilty wish him free like every one
Tuyi Phake 2014/08/12 08:58:35 PM
They must cop off his fingers so next time he thinks of pulling the triger he will remember the pain...