1 killed, 5 hurt as excavator rams Jerusalem bus

Jerusalem - An Israeli man was killed and five others wounded on Monday when an excavator rammed into a bus in east Jerusalem, causing police to shoot dead the driver, medics said.

"A 25-year-old man was run over by the excavator and killed, and the bus driver was moderately to lightly injured," emergency services spokesperson Zaki Heller told AFP, saying another four people were lightly hurt in the incident which police described as a "terror attack".

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Peter Paul 2014/08/04 02:28:05 PM
Who cares in RSA
Christo Mostert 2014/08/04 02:32:31 PM
Many of us here in RSA do care.
Richard Nappies 2014/08/04 02:32:44 PM
Confusing article.
Christo Mostert 2014/08/04 02:33:33 PM
Many of us here in RSA do care.
Famida Nana 2014/08/04 02:35:05 PM
I guess even if Netanyahu breaks a fingernail it would be an act of terror.
Andrew John Becker 2014/08/04 02:35:22 PM
Rafi Bar-hen 2014/08/04 02:35:39 PM
It was a different type of tractor. News 24 did you get that pic and info from.....?
Rameez Mookadan 2014/08/04 02:43:04 PM
Accidents happen....but lets call it a terror attack and blame it on Hamas...next the illuminati will be involved,just watch
Rafi Bar-hen 2014/08/04 02:47:43 PM
Rameez you can actually see the guy go back and forth smashing the bus. It was not a mistake. The mistake is israel inploying them
Menzi Gladile 2014/08/04 02:51:56 PM
This Jewish country just loves to kill...I mean like why kill the driver and call it an act of terror?