3 Palestinians killed in Israel attack on Gaza

Gaza City - Three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli air strike on central Gaza, medical officials said on Saturday, as the bloody conflict between Hamas and Israel entered its 47th day.

Emergency services spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra said the three were killed in a house in the Nusseirat camp, with five others wounded in the same attack.

Hostilities in the six-week war between Israel and Islamist rulers of Gaza Hamas resumed on Tuesday as Egyptian-brokered truce talks collapsed.

The Gaza emergency services say 79 people have died in the Palestinian enclave since then. One Israeli child was killed by a Gaza mortar on Friday with seven others wounded the same day by other rocket attacks, one of them critically.

At least 2 095 Palestinians have been killed since July 8, of whom the United Nations has identified 70% as civilians, and 68 people have died on the Israeli side, all but four of them soldiers.

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Darren Marcus 2014/08/23 10:13:42 AM
They must stop saying 70 percent civilians have been killed ! The only guaranteed innocents are the children ! When the Israelites get killed they sing and dance in the streets ! When the lines up and executed those so called informants they had croweds cheering them on !!
Kevin 2014/08/23 10:20:13 AM
The Palestinians should know full well by now that if they continue to break the cease fires by firing missiles into Israel, their children's bloods will be on their own hands. Cause and effect. If u continue to do the same thing, they will get the same result. Expecting a different result is psychopathic unless they want more of the same which is psychopathic as well.
Ella Mental 2014/08/23 11:12:54 AM
Where is your reporting on the fact that a Hamas rocket hit a synagogue? Or is that just not worth reporting?
Ella Mental 2014/08/23 11:16:07 AM
I see news 24 has bought hook line and sinker intro the electronic intifada. Where is your report about the synagogue that was hit by a rocket?
Brad Saunders 2014/08/23 11:30:19 AM
The obvious disparity between the numbers killed on both sides is brought on by the Israeli's not choosing to fight from behind masks and civilian lines as Hamas does. Does this justify the killing of innocents ...NO. Until Hamas choose to engage in conventional warfare I cannot support their actions. For those who might think this a pro Israeli view my personal opinion is that Israel has enclosed itself into the very ghetto type situation the Jew of Europe found themselves in, in the last century. Peace will come about as soon as we leave our children to make their own choices and not fed our diet of hatred.