8 Palestinians killed by Israeli tank fire in Gaza

Gaza City - Eight Palestinians, including at least two children, were killed by Israeli tank fire in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday, a spokesperson for the local emergency services said.

A woman was also among the dead in the attack at Khan Yunes, said spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra.

The eight deaths bring the toll on the Palestinian side to 1 450 since the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip began on 8 July.

News of the latest deaths came shortly after both Israel and Hamas agreed to begin a 72-hour ceasefire at 0500 GMT Friday.

The toll of Palestinian dead in Israel's 25-day-old Gaza offensive has now surpassed that of a three-week campaign over New Year in 2009.

Gaza emergency services said at least 44 people died in Israeli strikes on Thursday and 13 more succumbed to wounds sustained previously.

Thousands more have been wounded during the current offensive.

Fifty-six Israeli soldiers have died so far in the current operation, Protective Edge, compared to 10 in the previous conflict.

The offensive began with an intensive air campaign on 8 July and expanded when Israel sent ground troops into the Gaza periphery on 17 July.

Eleven people were killed in a single strike on Thursday night on a house in Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Seven people were killed in two separate raids on the southern city of Khan Yunis, including a woman, while two more people died in a strike on Deir al-Balah in central Gaza.

Another two people, including a woman, were killed in two separate incidents in the southern city of Rafah.

In a separate incident, 15 Palestinians sheltering in a UN school in Jabaliya refugee camp in the north were injured in an air strike on a neighbouring mosque. Two were in a serious condition.

The raid came a day after two tank shells slammed into the school, killing 16 people in an attack denounced as "reprehensible" by UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

Figures released on Wednesday by the UN humanitarian agency OCHA said 245 000 Palestinians had been internally displaced by the fighting, with the UN agency for refugees giving shelter to almost 220 000 of them in 86 of its facilities

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Cyberfriend 2014/08/01 07:56:18 AM
A wise person once said "The isreali Zionists upon whom is the divine wrath ,the people of lies,slander,betrayal,conspiracy and trickery.the killers of Prophets and consumers of usury and bribes.They have the most evil of hearts of all and the worst attitude.There way is enmity and stirring up hatred.They reprsent the house of trickery and lies. They do not see anything wrong in rejecting and disbelieving in Prophets eg Jesus.whom they dont like,they respect not the ties kinship or of covenant.They dont respect the rights of those who agree with them,or show any compassion,nor do they show any justice or fairness to those who work with them.There is no safety and security who mix with them.The most evil amongst them is the most intelligent,and the cleverest of them is the one that cheats the most.They are the most ill tempered of people,with the gloomiest of house and,there greeting is a curse have bad manners and they are filled with hatred." Somehow now with the killing and murder of innocent children it seems true.
Enig Ma 2014/08/01 08:08:52 AM
Sick and unacceptable. If these shells were fired after the truce commenced, which we cannot tell yet, the perpetrators must be brought to justice. Nut&Yahoo vs HumNuts. What a crime against humanity and civilisation!
Dennis Ras 2014/08/01 08:09:18 AM
More people are killed in South Africa daily than in Gaza weekly.
Viman Singh 2014/08/01 08:24:39 AM
One day, the muslim world will destroy Israel. one cannot comparr the two religions as for every jew born, 1156 muslims are born. Judaism will perish in a bloody war. Islam is voilent. There will be no winner to this war, but islam will survive.
Greg Martino 2014/08/01 08:34:33 AM
IDF Soldiers Find Weapons and Tunnel Openings in Mosque While operating in Gaza against Hamas, IDF soldiers found a mosque that contained many weapons. Furthermore, two tunnel openings were found in the bottom floor, which was also the prayer area. Jul 31, 2014, 03:38PM | JerusalemOnline
jacobus.steyn.90 2014/08/01 08:35:41 AM
Israel push through!!!!
Jeremy Bard 2014/08/01 08:43:55 AM
Israeli actions equate to nothing less than barbarism sugar coated with the "moral army" garbage. This entire world has now witnessed its evil genocidal objectives. An absolute affront to humanity! A murderous, thieving, racist, bloodthirsty, Apartheid cancer that masquerades as a "democracy". A nation that provides refuge to the world's most heinous racists and bigots. And whose survival depends on racism ans bigotry. A nation that has destroyed the memory of the Holocaust.
Binte Maya 2014/08/01 08:58:10 AM
Nobby... whether muslims are killing muslims or non muslims killing muslims.. it doesn't justify Israelis actions. Whoever are doing wrong be it muslims or not will be held accountable one day.. u can quote how much you want and try to bring islam down.. but u will never suceed.. y can't you understand that its not a fight about only religion.. its about freedom.. its about Humanity....
Binte Maya 2014/08/01 09:03:48 AM
The people on this forum keep going in circles.. holding syria iraq nigeria etc infront of our faces.. 1stly. We are fully aware of the tragic use of violence being used in those countries... 2ndly.. as muslims we stand against evil and wrong commited by ppl of any race or religion.. including those who claim to commit terrible acts in the name of islam... 3rdly. We will continue to portray and show the world they are wrong about Islam..it is a wonderful way of life..not a way spread by violence and hatred for one another... ur insults show your weakness... so the more insults u dish out the firmer we stand!!
Dayaan Deskay 2014/08/01 09:07:12 AM
Jehovah Yahweh the god of the Jews is a vengeful God and will exact revenge on the Israeli Terrorist Force for the genocide they committing and also those ones that support this genocide and the killing of babies and boys playing soccer on the beach. They have not learned the lessons of the Nuremberg war trials, they cannot say they were just following orders. Using Israeli Terrorist Force logic the home and family of a Hamas member is a legitimate target thus the home and family of Israeli Terrorist Force members is legitimate targets