Activists: Over 100 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

Moscow - More than 100 Russian soldiers were killed in eastern Ukraine in a battle this month while helping pro-Russian separatists fight Ukrainian troops, two members of the Russian presidential human rights council said on Thursday, citing accounts of eye-witness and relatives of the dead.

Ella Polyakova and Sergei Krivenko, both members of the council, said around 300 people were also injured in the violence on 13 August near the town of Snizhnye in Donetsk Province, when a column of trucks full of ammunition they were driving was hit by a sustained volley of Grad missiles.

"A column of Russian soldiers was attacked by Grad rockets and more 100 people died. It all happened in the city of Snizhnye in Donetsk Province," said Krivenko speaking by telephone. Polyakova said she had also been given the same figure, of more than 100, for the number of Russian soldiers killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, fifteen civilians were killed in shelling in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Thursday, the city administration said in a statement on its website which described the general situation there as "very tense."

Donetsk has experienced heavy shelling over the past two weeks as government forces attempt to push out pro-Russian separatists who have declared a 'Donetsk People's Republic' and said they seek union with Russia.

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dunkie56 2014/08/29 09:18:00 AM
The US and the EU should never have got involved in Ukraine...simple can you blame people who have relatives in Ukraine not wanting to help their relatives who are being bombed every day and all this while simply going about heir everyday lives!If this were true I would quite understand but he US does not like it when things go against them as is now happening!Where were the shouts when these innocent people were being shelled by the Ukrainian h2ll with them it is time the US is taught a serious lesson and stops treating the rest of the world like their own personal cr@phouse where people aren't treated with respect and are only seen as their minions!The Russian bear now awakes and will not go back to sleep easily and with every passing day we,the rest of the world,are pushed further and further over the edge from which there will be no easy return.The US must bear the brunt of this is what they deserve and Russia will deliver mark my words!
Thomas Freeman 2014/08/29 09:25:05 AM
Where are all the Putin lackeys that said Putin was not involved? Liars, deluded and suckers for Putin. Probably Mugabe and Zuma supporters to boot, which means you can add stupid as well to their accomplishments.
Diana Gill 2014/08/29 09:32:31 AM
Normal practice of the news24 to copy-past without checking. This Polyakova woman is a presiding officer of Soldiers Mothers of Saint Peterburg, also listed as an organisation cooperating with the National Democracy Fund. I suppose its not a big secret how democracy in Yankee style is forced down everyone's throat around the world. This woman has been interviewed by Dozhd radio station, which is well known for spreading liberal bs but in western media rather seen as one of not so many voices in support of freedom of speech. Polyakova's words were taken as the truth in its last instance without an attempt to verify a single sentence. Anyone can say what they like but I don't buy this crap. Its only good to be printed and used as toilet paper, same as any of earlier cheap populist claims.
Siya 2014/08/29 09:35:20 AM
If you head the president of the separatists stating that " there are volunteers of retired Russian soldiers fighting along the rebels in Ukraine. This includes include volunteering soldiers who are on leave not authorised by Kremlin to do so but with their own free will as they have relatives leaving in that region who are shelled daily by kiev. My stand is the Kremlin must authorise a peace keeping force which will stop those atrocities.
VoxPopuli 2014/08/29 09:37:52 AM
This is a half-assed report. Yesterday a rebel command held a press conference and said there is about 4000 russian volunteers fighting along side them. So saying Russia is sending soldiers to fight in ukraine is a stupid as saying US sent soldiers to fight with ISIS is syria..... They're volunteers and not their representing their government!
Chris Whittaker 2014/08/29 09:54:19 AM
Dunkie(check),Diana(check),Vox(check),Mark(?). Shame he must have been retrenched due to sanctions.
Siya 2014/08/29 09:54:21 AM
Putin is taking too long. He must send his forces there. The military men are urging for it. CIA can put their tales between their legs. I hope It's not going to be long before this happens.
Louie Walshe 2014/08/29 10:39:19 AM
Of course Russia is in Ukraine, defending against the gift of democracy from the US that has worked so well for places like Iraq and people like Mr Foley.