Australia PM appalled at decapitated head photo

Sydney - A shocking image of what is believed to be the young son of an Australian man holding a decapitated head in Syria showed how barbaric the Islamic State (IS) "terrorist army" is, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday.

Abbott made the comment while announcing Australia would likely join humanitarian airdrops and even airlifts of endangered civilians threatened by Sunni extremist IS militants in a barren northern Iraqi mountain range, possibly later this week

The picture, taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqa, was posted on the Twitter account of Khaled Sharrouf, an Australian man who fled to Syria last year and is now an IS fighter, The Australian newspaper said.

It reportedly shows Sharrouf's seven-year-old son, dressed like any other young boy in blue checked trousers, a blue shirt and baseball cap, struggling to hold up the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier by his hair.

Underneath it were the words "That's my boy".

Another photo published by the newspaper shows Sharrouf dressed in camouflage fatigues posing with three young boys it said security agencies believe are his sons.

All are holding guns in front of the flag of the Islamic State.

‘Barbaric entity’

Abbott, speaking to ABC radio from the Netherlands, said the pictures showed the barbaric nature of the terrorist group.

"What we've got to appreciate is that Islamic State - as they're now calling themselves - is not just a terrorist group, it's a terrorist army and they're seeking not just a terrorist enclave but effectively a terrorist state, a terrorist nation," he said.

"And this does pose extraordinary problems... not just for the people of the Middle East but for the wider world.

"And we see more and more evidence of just how barbaric this particular entity is."

Australia has an arrest warrant out for Sharrouf, who has also been pictured posing with severed heads. Officials have said up to 150 Australians are fighting alongside militants overseas, mostly in Iraq and Syria.

Abbott, meanwhile, said Australia was ready to participate in United States airdrops of food and water to civilians threatened in Iraq, and could also deploy two aircraft for any airlift mission.

"Australia will gladly join the humanitarian airlift to the people stranded on Mount Sinjar, this is a potential humanitarian catastrophe, President Obama has said it's a potential genocide," he said.

"So we do have some Hercules C1-30 aircraft in the Middle East and we have a C-17 that's bringing humanitarian supplies from Australia in the next day or so, and we'd expect to join that humanitarian airlift should it be needed sometime later in the week."

As well as dropping humanitarian supplies, American jets and drones have been carrying out strikes against IS militants in northern Iraq as it seeks to turn the tide on two months of jihadist expansion in the region.

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PointBlank 2014/08/11 09:04:01 AM
Islam, religion of peace.
Enig Ma 2014/08/11 09:46:23 AM
But why are you so disgusted at the perpetrators? They are only doing exactly as the quran instructs them. The Quran (8:12) clearly instructs : "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" So, why blame these folks for severing a few heads when they truly and innocently were taught to follow the instructions of Pbuh? At least they did not first cut of the infidel's fingertips!
Rakesh Panday 2014/08/11 10:19:57 AM
Extremist Muslims regards themselves as Muslims first and then Australians or British or South Africans etc. They disregard the law of their countries when they partake in wars which really have nothing to do with them.
Jane Longmuir 2014/08/11 10:30:59 AM
In my opinion, anybody who betrays their country and joins these terrorist organisations should have their passports rescinded and lose their citizenship :(
Ahmed Reshaad Khan 2014/08/11 11:31:38 AM
@ Enigma, the prophet Muahammed never condoned the rape of women, the torture of prisoners and was never a paedophile as he never raped a 9 year old girl as per your claims. You have no idea what you are talking about as surely you have jumped on the western propoganda bandwagon to spread lies about islam and its prophet. Maybe if yuou read the history of islam related by true muslims and not some idiotic western puppet then you would have known the 9 year old that you are talking about was actually between the age of 16 to 19 when she got married to the prophet Muhammed. Muhammed actually freed slaves and discouraged muslims from keeping slaves. he thought people that all humans are equal no matter what the colour of their skins. Before you post more of your bs, i suggest you go and read up on this. Knowing the facts and thinking that you know the facts are two very different things.
Cg Tours 2014/08/11 12:22:06 PM
They are not AUSTRALIANS born and bred there- they are MUSLIMS that were given asylum ,and some immigratged stating persecution, just like the lot of the Britain ( over 500 British MUSLIMS aiding an murdering brutality there and more ready to go and join ISIS )and this is how they are repaying Western Nations.These FANATICS should never never have been allowed into ANY civilized Countries. BUT they are the persecutors and SAVAGE MURDERS. They are burying women and children alive- they are crucifying( yest!! crucifying people, cutting of heads. We have also let some of them into South Africa.!! Kenya and Nigeria also know all about these Monsters.Do yourselves a favour and read all the articles in THE DAILY MAIL today and every day. HAMAS is the same- Palestinians are terrified of HAMAS- not all support them but have no choice.HAMAS has killed( executed) over 2000 Palestinians in the past weeks, 30 again last week that do not want to join them and are against any further missiles into Israel- using the excuse they are Spies for Israel! 160 children have been prove to have died due to HAMAS using forced child labour for the tunnels when they start digging. STOP YOURSELVES FROM BEING BRAINWASHED !!google Palestinian Mr Mudar Zahran: google the following: UNRWA-The palestinians Worst enemy at: Also google + Zahran-READ all those posts there. and Wake up.
Andre Marx 2014/08/28 01:31:52 PM
Men will wrangle for religion; write for it; fight for it; die for it; anything but live for it. "CC Colton"