Authorities analyze voice in hunt for Foley killer

London - Experts say police and security services are using voice-recognition software and other technology, as well as human tips, as they scramble to identify the militant recorded on a video showing the killing of American journalist James Foley.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the masked jihadi is likely British. Linguists say his accent suggests he is from the London area.

The Guardian newspaper quoted an unnamed former captive who was held in Raqqa, Syria, as saying he appeared to be one of several British militants - nicknamed "The Beatles" by hostages - charged with guarding Islamic State prisoners.

John O'Regan, a linguist at London's Institute of Education, said on Thursday that analysts would likely make a voice print of the speaker and compare it to recordings of known suspects.

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Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/21 05:41:31 PM
Whats the bet they will have a voice within 48 hours of some one
Frank Jams 2014/08/21 06:58:45 PM
All murderers should be punished. killing innocent journalists and and innocent civilians & children is just plain wrong.
Alan Yates 2014/08/21 07:10:22 PM
What's with these Muslim "clerics":"Al-Arouri, a senior Hamas religious figure, is heard on a video that surfaced Wednesday saying that he “blessed the heroic action” which was “carried out by the al-Qassam Brigades” — the armed wing of Hamas. This action, “the kidnapping to Hebron of the three settlers,” was an “operation spoken of far and wide,” al-Arouri added. The sheikh was speaking at a conference of Muslim scholars in Turkey."... IslamSheikh backing BOKO-HAMAS which Is same as backing IS killer from a Mosque in Britain ... Never thought UK would be so soft on Muslim Jihadists... Only a Muslim cleric could call murdering 3 Jewish children at school an "operation"...
Billy Hewie 2014/08/21 10:13:40 PM
I have a dream, that one day a Muslim will come out a condemn the acts of ISIS, without mentioning US/Israel/Zionist in their statement. But a dream it will remain.
Jack Jones 2014/08/21 10:20:31 PM
These killing are all senseless. Human life id human life and all these killings should be condemned. U can blame america and the west, but we have all been given brains to think what is right n wrong. N isis is wrong. Do some research about the false leaders who will rise and lead many muslims astray. Dont follow like sheep and use ur brains