Boy with brain tumour 'could be in Spain'

London - A five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who was taken from hospital by his parents without doctors' consent could now be in Spain, British police said on Saturday.

The police said they had "positive information" to suggest that Ashya King and his family could be in Spain where they have "strong links" to the Marbella area.

King's parents, who are Jehovah's Witnesses, drove him away from Southampton hospital in southern England on Thursday and were seen boarding a ferry to Cherbourg in France.

British and French police have been searching for the boy and a French prosecutor said the youngster had effectively been "kidnapped".

Interpol has also launched a missing persons alert following a request from British police, who warned that the batteries on King's feeding system would run out on Friday.

"The need to find Ashya is now desperate. It is really important that we find him and ensure he receives medical attention," said Chris Shead, deputy police chief in Hampshire, the region from where the boy was taken.

"We still don't know whether the King family have any spare batteries for the machine which administers food, the knowledge or any way of recharging the battery," Shead said.

The youngster has undergone extensive surgery and was last operated on seven days ago.

Jehovah's Witnesses are known for refusing blood transfusions on religious grounds, but are otherwise open to other medical procedures.

The group said there was no indication that the boy's parents had been motivated by religious convictions and appealed to them to seek the best medical treatment for him.

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Chris May 2014/08/30 02:36:08 PM
There's more to this than meets the eye ...
Joe Black302 2014/08/30 04:04:36 PM
Um... Does the will of the doctors really override the will of the parents? They could on practical grounds be right - I myself expect that the kid is better of with the doctors - But do they really have the right to detain the boy against he wishes of his parents and their religious, moral and philosophical views? Is he part of some clinical trial? Did the parents waiver their rights as legal custodians of the boy?
John Botes 2014/08/30 04:52:31 PM
I was just wandering, is this a free hospital or is there an account building every day the child is being looked after? Just trying to think of possible reasons why the family would end the hospital stay early?
Sibusiso Matsebula 2014/08/30 07:00:46 PM
As the article said, yes his parents accepted some medical treatment (operation) but I do not think they would have taken him away for no reason. Let's keep our ears open and we will find all the answers of our questions. One thing I know, Jehovah never fails his people who fully rely on him. We all pray that where ever they are, they get correct help emotionally, spiritually and physically. We looking foward where everything will be new with no sickness - Isaiah 33:24
Enig Ma 2014/08/30 07:04:18 PM
Jehovah's witnesses should not be allowed to breed! Religious people should not be allowed to pollute their offspring's brains with their tommyrot!
Andries Kopo King Shai 2014/08/30 09:05:14 PM
Atheitis you are busy today joo
Jane Cullum 2014/08/30 09:15:49 PM
Clearly the comments made by the two of you show how ill informed people can be. Perhaps you should consult the dictionary for the meaning of cult or is there something wrong with reading that too. People have freedom of choice you choose not to believe in a creator, They choose to believe in the creator Jehovah. Give people the benefit of the doubt. They certainly would not be saying rude uninformed things about you.
Renel Wagener 2014/08/30 09:23:34 PM
Thank you Jane. People are so quick to judge...
lskosana3 2014/08/30 10:51:31 PM
Religious nuts, you'll go as far as killing your own child in the name of religion
Tiisetso Yesterday 2014/08/31 06:52:40 AM
The boy's fine he will just join the Spanish national team to replace Fernando Torres.