Britain raises terrorism threat level

London - Britain raised its terrorism threat level on Friday to "severe", the second highest level, in response to possible attacks being planned in Syria and Iraq, Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May said.

"That means that a terrorist attack is highly likely, but there is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent," May said in a statement.

"The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West. Some of those plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have travelled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts."

The murder of US journalist James Foley almost two weeks ago by a man suspected of being a British national has prompted demands for extra security measures to tackle Britons travelling to the Middle East to join militant groups.

It also raised fears that some of those who had gone to Syria or Iraq to fight would return to Britain and carry out attacks.

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Sean Mitchell 2014/08/29 05:12:04 PM
Many "Muslims" are atheist but can't admit it for fear of ostracism or much, much worse
Enig Ma 2014/08/29 07:01:16 PM
Google "Lee Rigby" Judge the level of Islamic terrorism in the UK for yourself!
Jane Longmuir 2014/08/29 07:57:26 PM
Simple, don't let these people back in! If I can be banned from returning to SA for say 5 years depending on whether my visa has expired and a new one although applied for has not yet been issued and I am a law abiding citizen, then there should be no question of these people ever being allowed back in to the UK. Abide by the rules of the country and work for the benefit of it's citizens, if not, get out and stay out ??
Hauke Liefferink 2014/08/30 12:04:29 AM
Alrighty then. What a useless gauge: Terror Threat Level. Like "Risk of something you didn't expect" Level.
Martiens Bezuidenhout 2014/08/30 02:07:53 AM
By increasing the threat level security is raised, extra measures are implemented, reservists put on standby and surveillance increased... This means the odds of preventing something from happening is somewhat better and the response to something happening is all ready prioritised and might just result in an extra life saved... so what is so useless about that?
Paulson Meziri 2014/08/30 03:35:18 AM
South Africa is next as they have allowed Pakistanis, Arabs to come here to claim citizens in detriment of other Africans. UK open them selves in the name of secularism now they are crying for their stupidity. How man British has choose to become a Pakistani or Arab but full UK enjoying the freedom that can never get where they come from. Tutu stop thinking from anus.
Hauke Liefferink 2014/08/30 07:08:40 AM
How many terror attacks has this precaution prevented? Maybe it's just politicians pretending to be vigilant.