Cease-fire in Gaza holds for second day

Gaza City - A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that ended a month of fighting is holding for a second day, ahead on negotiations in Cairo on a long-term truce and a broader deal for the war-ravaged Gaza Strip.

Delegations from both sides were in Cairo on Wednesday where Egyptian mediators planned to shuttle between them to try to work out a deal.

Some details have emerged about Hamas' negotiating points, including an internationally funded reconstruction of Gaza, which would be overseen by a Palestinian unity government led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The cease-fire is the longest lull in a war that has killed nearly 1 900 Palestinians. Israel has lost 67 people.

In Gaza, people took advantage of the calm to return to their devastated homes and inspect the damage.

Gary Goddard 2014/08/06 10:01:06 AM
Hamas finally understand what a truce means!!! Don't fire rockets into Israel and you won't get pounded
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/06 10:13:44 AM
Jimmy Carter, the smartest ex-US President alive, is calling for US and EU to recognize Gaza. As for the young soldier on the pic, his face depicts anxiety written all over his face maybe because of his conscience that says it's not okay to kill small babies. If Israelis can show compassion for Gazans and don't but into Benji's ideas all will be well for them for centuries to come. They have so much to offer the world
Scanity1 2014/08/06 10:54:51 AM
Hamas has a lot to answer for this war.Enough empirical evidence to show how Hamas used civilians to further their sick cause.Indian Tv shows how Hamas set up a rocket launcher next to their hotel , in a civilian area and launched an attack on Israel. If Israel retaliated, obviously Israel would be blamed for hitting a civilian target.As for the blockade , which was instituted because Hamas was importing missiles , rockets into the area instead of using it to increase trade , as any other normal country would do, what guarantees does Israel have that if Blockade is lifted Hamas will not revert to importing missiles etc back into the area.In essence Israel cannot afford to lessen its vigilance because Hamas , based on its past history cannot be trusted.
forest gump 2014/08/06 12:05:09 PM
peace in our time? .......... along with freedom for the Palestinian people of cause.
Zubeida Fisher 2014/08/06 12:16:21 PM
These people that condone the killing of innocent people because rockets was sent into Israel but minimum lives lost (1 person which wasn't Israeli killed by shelling and 1 man died of heart attack on his way to shelter and not an actual bomb) are sick because they keep condemning Hamas for firing rockets but they don't condemn Israel for the total massacre of 1000's of people woman and children. It just shows how these scum think a Palestinian life means nothing but an Israeli life means everything. I don't condone what Hamas is doing but I can feel there pain you kill thousands of ours I will try and make you feel that suffering of loosing some of yours even if nothing happens I want you to feel our pain of losing loved ones. We as humans are a vindictive bunch you kill my family I will try and make you feel my pain.