Charity lists dead Gaza children in UK paper ads

London - Save the Children placed full-page adverts in British newspapers on Wednesday listing the names of 373 Palestinian children killed in Israel's offensive on Gaza, as part of the charity's campaign for a permanent ceasefire.

The black-and-white advert in broadsheet newspapers carries the names of the children that the Palestinian Ministry of Health and United Nations (OCHA) have reported to have died between 8 July and 3 August.

Readers are invited to send text messages as part of the campaign to force a permanent ceasefire "for the children of Gaza and Israel".

A fragile ceasefire in the Gaza Strip entered a second day on Wednesday as Israeli and Palestinian delegations prepared for crunch talks in Cairo to try to extend the 72-hour truce.

The ceasefire has brought relief to both sides after 1 875 Palestinians and 67 people on the Israeli side were killed in one month of fighting.

In a separate statement, Save the Children said the public health system in Gaza was close to collapse and that half a million people were displaced from their homes.

Save the Children's David Hassell said: "For the sake of children and their families, we are hoping that this ceasefire holds.

"It is desperately needed, as essential services in Gaza have all but collapsed and we are struggling to reach the most vulnerable children caught in this conflict."

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Ashburg Aaronsen Aaronsen 2014/08/06 01:28:12 PM
Here come the Hasbara Zionist Trolls defending Israels death and destruction.
forest gump 2014/08/06 01:36:01 PM
ive read through the list and whether you believe in the cause of the palestinians or not failure to not feel something for the parents and friends of these children(if they survived)l who are now forever scarred makes u one heartless human being
Ashburg Aaronsen Aaronsen 2014/08/06 01:36:02 PM
Watch them sing IsraHell's National Anthem. Hamas Hamas Hamas. Don't entertain them. They are on Forums all over the internet trying to defend Israels godless policies. Peace loving Christians, Jews, Muslims and Atheists need to recognise them.
Melusi Sibonelo Christian Ncongwane 2014/08/06 01:36:09 PM
if this doesn't shock the world into action, I'm afraid nothing will.
THE SHEPHERD 2014/08/06 01:42:24 PM
This proves time and time again that in order for any human life to hold value for the Muslim, 2 strict conditions must be met. 1. That human life must be non - infidel. 2. That life must have been killed by an infidel, most heinous of all a Jew
Mally Gee 2014/08/06 01:45:24 PM
All this bloodshed has been totally in vain and always will be. Yet, Hamas will undoubtedly re-arm and begin firing missiles into Israel again. And once again when Israel retaliates, which it has an obligation to do, the world will side with the Poor, suffering Palestinians once again. What a waste of human life - but not unexpected at all. In fact, predicted as such.
Brett Glass 2014/08/06 01:45:29 PM
Scheepers are you justifying the death of 300 kids? I am Christian but I know that Islam is a religion, you cannot attach a bomb to an intangible entity. That makes you a dumb @$s boere.
Abdul Hamied Ismail 2014/08/06 02:09:07 PM
At least today no1 is promoting violence for both sides peace to every1
Brett Glass 2014/08/06 02:25:00 PM
@Mally, you don't undetstand the meaning of disproportionate response. Children know nothing about the 1967 borders that Israel did not respect. They know nothing about their parents being removed from land that they have occupied for over 1000 years. Israel created Hamas a legitimate Gvt in Gaza by the way. Through years of stealing Palestinian land, controlling all access, resources and trade, killing kids who threw stones initially. A resistance became the only option, Israel has ignored every international body. A few years ago they used chemical weapons against Palestinians. As we speak more Israeli settlements encroach Palestinian land. Now 330 children, over 150 younger than 10yrs.
Lebeko Merafe 2014/08/06 02:31:20 PM
Da is receiving funds from people from Israel, Malema said that.