Egypt urges US restraint over Missouri unrest

Cairo - Egypt on Tuesday urged US authorities to exercise restraint in dealing with racially charged demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri - echoing language Washington used to caution Egypt as it cracked down on Islamist protesters last year.

It is unusual for Egypt to criticise such a major donor, and it was not immediately clear why the government would have taken such a step.

Ties between Washington and Cairo were strained after Egyptian security forces killed hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters following the army's ousting of freely elected President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

Western allies have voiced concern about the democratic credentials of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief who toppled Mursi and went on to win elections. The US has, however, continued to provide military and other support to Cairo.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry's statement on the unrest in Ferguson read similarly to one issued by U.S. President Barack Obama's administration in July 2013, when the White House "urged security forces to exercise maximum restraint and caution" in dealing with demonstrations by Mursi supporters.

The ministry added it was "closely following the escalation of protests" in Ferguson, unleashed by the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman on 9 August.

Human Rights Watch said in a report last week Egyptian security forces systematically used excessive force against Islamist protesters after Mursi was ousted. Egypt said the report was "characterised by negativity and bias".

Rice Safari 2014/08/19 02:35:43 PM
Classic. Great to hear someone telling the US how to behave. Poop in the US smells just like poop in the rest of the world... Lol
Will Homeby 2014/08/19 02:38:16 PM
Thats rich coming from rented dictator who killed more than a 1000 protesters.
Beaulah Fortuin 2014/08/19 02:50:58 PM
Egypt of all countries!!!!World is really coming to an end.
James Uknow 2014/08/19 02:53:37 PM
lol really these guys would have killed evry protester there
Job Jacobs 2014/08/19 04:02:03 PM
Ha ha ha, these egyptians are a crazy lot, Sisi should join the circus.
Boaz Yarmarkov 2014/08/19 04:02:07 PM
hahaha. Love it! I agree with Egypt 100% :)
Michael McN 2014/08/22 08:08:38 PM
Pot calling kettle. Pot calling kettle. Come in, kettle. Over.