Facebook dare ends in tragedy

Berlin - German authorities say a man was killed and five others injured when a mechanical digger tipped over and hit them during a so-called Cold Water Challenge, a dare that has been spreading on Facebook.

Prosecutors said on Wednesday 11 members of a bowling club in Isselburg, on the Dutch border, had filled the digger's shovel with 2000 litres of water, which was to be poured over them.

However, as the shovel was lifted into the air, the digger tipped over and the shovel hit six of the men. Four of the injured were taken to hospitals following the accident late on Tuesday.

In the US, several people have been injured participating in Cold Water Challenges, which typically involve dares such as jumping into cold water.

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Carlo Gieljoumie 2014/07/30 08:25:03 PM
Rofhiwa Ronald 2014/07/30 08:49:02 PM
Death wish
Tseky Lovelace 2014/07/30 09:04:07 PM
Ros 2014/07/30 09:09:27 PM
Oh dear it's all Claas's fault!
Ros 2014/07/30 09:12:00 PM
No Claas
Anthea Harms 2014/07/30 09:44:24 PM
Just shows you...there is no cure for stupidity
Dumisani Rikhotso 2014/07/30 10:02:13 PM
Ppl get bored shem but is nice 2 experiment
Dumisani Rikhotso 2014/07/30 10:02:27 PM
Ppl get bored shem but is nice 2 experiment
Bra Dish 2014/07/30 10:31:01 PM
Hennie Bezuidenhout 2014/07/31 02:56:57 AM
Clever people!!