Flags to fly half-mast for Sotloff

Miami - Flags will fly half-mast on Friday in the US state of Florida, where the family of beheaded US journalist Steven Sotloff lives, its governor said.

Sotloff, aged 31, was beheaded by Islamic State militants in a video released on Tuesday, two weeks after the similar video of US journalist James Foley was posted online.

"In honour and in memory of Steven Sotloff, I hereby direct the flags of the United States and the state of Florida to be flown at half-staff at all local and state buildings, installations, and grounds throughout the state of Florida", Governor Rick Scott said in a statement.

Sotloff was kidnapped 4 April 2013 in Aleppo near the Turkish border, but his abduction was kept secret after his family requested a media blackout.

His family on Wednesday paid tribute to the slain journalist, remembering him as a thoughtful man who enjoyed simple pleasures and was fascinated by the Middle East.

Sotloff was a freelance reporter who had written for Time magazine, Foreign Policy and other outlets. He was born in Miami.
Kathleen Anderson 2014/09/05 09:29:37 AM
Very sad, may his loved ones experience a peace that surpasses understanding. My heart is bleeding for them and the families and loved ones of James Foley. EVEN IF, the dirty scum bags excape justice in this life, they WILL meet the Lord, our God when they sooner or later pass from this life and justice WILL be served!!.
Andre Jansen Van Vuuren 2014/09/05 09:31:26 AM
RIP :'(
Warren 2014/09/05 10:08:49 AM
That is a big gesture by the state, and perhaps in context a fair one: he died representing his country- even if unwittingly. Lets hope his country does more for him than fly the flags low for a day
Chrysanthe Kruser 2014/09/05 11:07:48 AM
My prayers are with the Sotloff and Foley families. May America not only fly flags half-mast in their honour. Such courageous young men.
Soldier Of Christ 2014/09/05 11:07:56 AM
Both these so called executions have been proved fake by experts.News24, get your facts straight before spreading the lies and propaganda please!
Dietrich Berner 2014/09/05 11:17:58 AM
Soldier of Christ, where did you get those "facts"? Supply us with your source of information.