France seeks urgent council meeting on Iraq

Paris - France has called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the situation in northern Iraq, where the jihadist group Islamic State has seized several Christian towns.

"France is extremely concerned by the latest advances by IS [Islamic State] in northern Iraq and the taking of Qaraqoush, the biggest Christian town in Iraq, and the unbearable abuses being committed," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement.

"Faced with the gravity of the situation", Paris had asked for a meeting to discuss how the international community could "mobilise to counter the terrorist threat in Iraq and supply aid and protection to endangered populations," he said.

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Gabi Crouse 2014/08/07 07:51:20 PM
Will Homeby 2014/08/07 07:59:39 PM
Heres a word from a person who runs their mouths about israel. Where was france when bush murdered a million based on a lie. As aatter of fact france supported the mass murdering bush and blair. By the way, bush claimed to be on a mission from jesus. Here is another fact. The ISI is funded by the US.
William Dikgang 2014/08/07 08:11:40 PM
this is what you get when you try to menufacture democracy based on lies n greed.usa.france britain n the likes.see libya.irag n afganistan.
rorypreddy 2014/08/07 08:14:58 PM
Bahaha....where are the bds heroes now?
Humeira Mogalia 2014/08/07 08:25:24 PM
True where was France UK USA when the US was butchering people in Iraq when Bush went in on his mission from God? Bush lied to everyone and went in to fight his father's battles. That being said what these barbarians are doing is sick......and to those of you who think that they are muslim think again. This is a creation of Mossad and the USA. The CIA boogeyman (Al Qaeda) has forgotten about their so called war with the west and has turned on each other so to keep the world at wits end and to ensure that they get those oil and natural gas reserves they've now had to create another monster. What they fail to realise is that just like the CIA monster this monster too will turn around and haunt them. But I suppose innocent lives are collateral damage when so much oil is as stake.............greed is an awful thing and many have died because of it. Waldo and Gabi - you are very quick to point fingers yet you nothing of whats going on. education is a powerful tool - use it......
Justin Oliver 2014/08/07 08:34:41 PM
You are being lied to
Justin Oliver 2014/08/07 08:38:54 PM
Maybe the Zionists created Islam.
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/07 09:11:01 PM
I saw a video of a 6 year old girl being beheaded by some extreme islamist douche bags.
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/07 09:14:21 PM
So Muslims can kidnap girls in Nigeria, attack Christians and pretty much be terrorists but the moment a country defends themselves against the violence the victims of this terrorist attacks are considered evil. Why does everyone have to tip toe around their beliefs and cultural ways when they show none of the same respect back.
rorypreddy 2014/08/07 09:16:09 PM
Bds....your response?