France warns over Russian aid convoy

Paris - France warned on Tuesday that any Russian humanitarian aid convoy bound for eastern Ukraine could be a pretext for a covert operation and stressed that Ukraine and the Red Cross must first give the green light to the mission.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told French radio that such missions were "only possible with the agreement of the country to which you are sending aid and with the assistance of the Red Cross".

"This question has of course not yet been settled. We have to be extremely careful because this could be a cover by the Russians to set themselves up near Donetsk and Lugansk and declare a fait accompli", added Fabius.

He stressed that any aid operation "is only possible and only justifiable if the Red Cross gives its consent, if there are no military forces around [the mission], if there are not just Russians but other countries and if Ukraine agrees."

"At this precise moment, this is not the case", he said on Tuesday morning, adding that convoys "should not be allowed to pass" if these conditions were not met, without specifying how they would be stopped.

Some 280 trucks carrying 2 000 tons of humanitarian supplies are already on their way to the Ukraine border, a Moscow region official told the Ria Novosti news agency on Tuesday.

It was unclear if Fabius was referring to this convoy of aid trucks.
jan.h.beukes.7 2014/08/12 04:31:23 PM
Ok so the government that is bombing civilians and killing pro-russian speaking people(their own people) should give consent for the aid ... Good luck in getting that, will have a better chance of getting the FBI and CIA to assist in government take over than humanitarian aid from Russia... Oh wait that already happened ... CRAZY!!!
VoxPopuli 2014/08/12 04:36:00 PM
This government that killed people protesting alongside them, burnt ukrainians alive in odessa, killed over 1000 civilians in east ukraine, shot a plane outta the sky must give permission for russia can assist the destitute.... How much more insane can this episode get?
I.j. Mthimunye 2014/08/12 05:57:49 PM
yeah countries you are sending to and Red Cross, what about permission from OBEEZ?
Mark Russell 2014/08/12 06:57:20 PM
An earlier article on this forum claimed that the Kiev crew had already agreed to the Red Cross led humanitarian drop off. Would not be surprised if they try and hijack this convoy so that they can feed their own soldiers before they all defect to Russia soon.
dunkie56 2014/08/13 04:25:37 PM
The day will come sure enough when all relative involved parties will have to answer for the crime that was committed in will take time be sure but eventually the dust will settle and then the time for proper investigations about who did what and why will become more clear!They think that can get away with criminal actions but they will find out exactly what punishment they will still pay one day in the future.Time is always on the side of the just so those in power in the West can expect their day of reckoning without doubt!