Gaza crisis moves to full UN Assembly

New York - With criticism mounting of UN inaction in the Gaza conflict, envoys from all 193 countries of the United Nations will meet on Wednesday to hear top officials report on the crisis.

The meeting of the UN General Assembly was requested by Arab countries who are pushing for a toughly-worded resolution to be adopted by the Security Council.

Top UN officials will brief ambassadors including Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, who has said Israel's offensive in Gaza could amount to war crimes.

The head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Pierre Krahenbuhl, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's Middle East envoy Robert Serry and the head of humanitarian relief in Gaza, Kyung-wha Kang, are also to speak to the assembly, the Ugandan presidency of the General Assembly said.

The move by Arab countries to push for a General Assembly meeting on Gaza follows growing criticism that the Security Council has failed to take a strong stand to press Israel and Hamas to stop the fighting.

International alarm has grown over the soaring death toll, with more than 1,800 Palestinians killed, mostly civilians, since the conflict began on 8 July. A total of 67 Israelis have died.

Jordan has circulated a draft resolution to the UN Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire and an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, but the document has yet to come up for formal discussion.

The 15-member Council adopted a statement on 27 July calling for a ceasefire and expressing support for Egypt's mediation efforts after the United States dropped its reservations that such a text would single out Israel.

Gary Barlow 2014/08/05 08:13:55 AM
Any person who looks at a map of Gaza and the West Bank will realise that there can be no such thing as a 2 state solution. West Bank looks like a splash of ink on the map and Gaza is an isolated little strip miles away. Israel realised this long ago and their tactic is to delay while accusing the other side of not wanting peace. So why doesn't the world, instead of meeting to discuss the wording of a statement condemning Israel, discuss a real solution to this problem: the integration of Gaza and West Bank into one unified state. There is simply no other way.
mahomed 2014/08/05 09:13:21 AM
Sanctions against Israel must be first on the agenda, followed by an independent investigation into War crimes committed by the Apartheid Zionist State.
Zubeida Fisher 2014/08/05 09:37:41 AM
Israel must move off occupied land. All those building that was built for the settlers must be given to the Palestinians as there homes was bombed and destroyed by Israel.