Gaza death toll hits 2 000

Gaza City - The death toll in the war-torn Gaza Strip rose above 2 000 on Monday, the health ministry said as more people injured in over a month of fighting with the Israelis succumbed to their wounds.

According to a ministry statement, a total of 2 016 people were killed and another 10 196 wounded.

Among the dead were 541 children, 250 women and 95 elderly men, it said.

The toll, which had stood at 1 980, jumped up after a number of people died from their injuries in hospitals across Gaza, as well as in Cairo and Jerusalem where they had been taken for treatment.

Medics also retrieved another body from under the rubble in the battered Shejaiya district east of Gaza City, where it had lain for more than three weeks, the statement said.

Separately, the Israeli army confirmed that five of 64 soldiers killed in combat had died as a result of "friendly fire".

There was no immediate word on the circumstances of their deaths.

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Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 12:26:16 PM
When will this madness stop?? Zionist brutality Unlimited, no end in sight. Children killed playing soccer on the beach, women, children are all targets. Likewise mosques and churches. The world must now stand up and impose sanctions with immediate effect. It is the moral thing to do and history will harshly judge those who did nothing to stop this genocide.
Cyberfriend 2014/08/18 12:34:03 PM
541 Children,probably more lying around in rubble.
Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 12:41:39 PM
David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister): "If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?" Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp121.
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/18 01:09:08 PM
lamentable deaths. i have seen the videos of hamas fighters holding kids at the rocket sites so the toll on children is not surprising. disgusting but not surprising.
Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 01:17:01 PM
Prof Naom Chomsky - who as a child faced anti-semitism on Israel and ''apartheid'': The Israeli relationship to the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories is totally different. They just don’t want them. They want them out, or at least in prison. And they’re acting that way. That’s a very striking difference, which means that the apartheid analogy, South African apartheid, to the Occupied Territories is just a gift to Israeli violence. It’s much worse than that. If you look inside Israel, there’s plenty of repression and discrimination.
Riaz Kajee 2014/08/18 01:23:05 PM
Kobus I certainly didn't make any death threats against you and if there are people doing so then it has to condemned its unacceptable. We should be able to discuss and debate like mature adults.
Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 01:27:40 PM
The only way is complete isolation of Israel, like we did with South Africa. This will force them to come to the table for genuine negotiations. Thus the BDS movement gaining huge momentum. For example, at recent congress of architects, Bishop Tutu called for the International Union of Architects (UIA) to suspend Israeli Association of United Architects. This the way to go..
Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 01:31:18 PM
Re Hamas rockets: American Jewish leader Henry Siegman recently stated: "What undermines this principle is that no country and no people would live the way that Gazans have been made to live. … The question of the morality of Israel’s action depends, in the first instance, on the question, couldn’t Israel be doing something [to prevent] this disaster that is playing out now, in terms of the destruction of human life?
Anwar Davids 2014/08/18 01:45:25 PM
Thanks Madiba for your leadership on this issue: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Nelson Mandela.
James Uknow 2014/08/18 01:58:04 PM
Israel will never go back to 1967 borders for many reasons ,also Abbas has said no jew will be allowed in Palestine ,so jews would be cut off from holy sites ,there will never be peace with a 2 state solution ,without International intervention Palestinians will continue to suffer