Hypersonic weapon goes awry, explodes

Washington - The US military had to detonate a hypersonic weapon seconds after lift-off Monday due to a technical problem, cutting short a flight test for the experimental project, officials said.

"Less than four seconds into the lift-off phase, we terminated the flight," Pentagon spokesperson Maureen Schumann told AFP.

The decision to abort the flight test in Alaska was due to a technological "anomaly," she said, without providing more details.

The launch of the "Advanced Hypersonic Weapon" occurred after 04:00 local time at the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska, Pentagon officials said.

The weapon is part of the Pentagon's "prompt global strike" program designed to build conventional weapons that could take out targets anywhere on the planet within an hour's notice.

"Due to an anomaly, the test was terminated near the launch pad shortly after lift-off to ensure public safety," the Pentagon said in a statement.

There were no injuries in the incident, it said, adding that officials are conducting an "extensive investigation" to determine what went wrong.

A previous flight test for the weapon was carried out in November 2011.

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Makhulu Zulu 2014/08/25 09:34:31 PM
Just imagine the furore had Iran decided to build a weapon like this. Because it's USA it is unquestioned.
Andre Krige 2014/08/25 09:44:58 PM
Couldn't agree with you more.
Bobbie Booyse 2014/08/25 09:50:00 PM
Yeah, because possessing the largest and most advanced airforce, blue-water fleet and cruise\ballistic missle arsenal just isn't enough ...seriously.
Renegade 2014/08/25 10:24:35 PM
Why is the USA allowed to test weapons? Double standards
Jeremy Von Pebbles Nurse 2014/08/25 10:34:29 PM
I hope north Korea are paying attention, approach UN and question why the yanks get off for what they and other communist/'evil' countries get widespread condemnation. just saying. I wonder how much of the UN the Americans really hold.
Ken Jay May 2014/08/25 10:42:03 PM
You are seriously stupid!
Khutso Bokaba 2014/08/25 10:43:26 PM
North Korea, Iran, Russia??? Prepare yourself
Ken Jay May 2014/08/25 10:45:20 PM
Jerry you are unbelievable stupid!
Michael Farrell 2014/08/25 11:16:29 PM
What all of you USA bashers are missing is that the US is not and has not openly and repeatedly threatened to attack otherwise peaceful neighbouring countries. The US test these sort of weapons as a deterrent to war, not as a substitute for diplomacy.
Avhashoni Tshatsinde 2014/08/26 03:07:53 AM
The chinese have also got such a system. If u think an F1 car moving at 300km/hr is fast, what will u call a missile moving at 12 000km/hr?