ISIS militants behead Lebanese soldier

Beirut - Islamic State militants beheaded a Lebanese soldier who was one of 19 captured by hardline Syrian Islamists when they seized a Lebanese border town for few days this month, a video posted on social media showed on Saturday.

The soldier, recognisable as Ali al-Sayyed, a Sunni Muslim from north Lebanon, was shown blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back, writhing and kicking the dusty ground while a militant announces he will be killed. Another militant then beheads him.

Islamic State, which declared a "caliphate" in June in parts of Iraq and Syria under its control, has been cited as a major security threat by Western governments since posting a video in August of the beheading of US journalist James Foley.

The Lebanese army declined to comment but security and Islamic State sources confirmed the latest beheading.

Hours later, the group posted a second video showing nine other soldiers begging for their lives, urging their families to take to the streets in the next three days to demand the release of Islamist prisoners as a condition to escape al-Sayyed's fate.

Earlier this month, several Syrian groups, including Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front battled the Lebanese army after the arrest of rebel commander Emad Gomaa in the border town of Arsal. Gomaa is an al-Nusra commander who switched affiliation to Islamic State but remained popular among al-Nusra fighters.

The militants seized Arsal for five days before withdrawing to a mountainous border region, taking 19 captive soldiers with them. They have demanded the release of Gomaa and several Islamists jailed since a 2007 insurrection by an al Qaeda-inspired group at a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon.

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Hosni Mubar 2014/08/30 05:25:49 PM
ISIS is a cry to Shia and Sunnis to set aside their centuries old fight and come together.
ikick 2014/08/30 05:52:49 PM
Its an Israeli plot!
Waggie 2014/08/30 05:56:49 PM
Hosni, You are confused. Religion of hate and murder.
Shireen Eva 2014/08/30 06:04:06 PM
By beheading american civilians?? Indeed, where is the outcry from your ilk for the perpertrating of these barbarice, criminal deeds?
Donovan Van Senus 2014/08/30 06:15:06 PM
I think the lebanese government should give israel a call and ask for help?
Andrew Salies 2014/08/30 06:24:51 PM
How can they say that someone is not moslem if they belief in allah and mohammad. Lol maybe they are Isrealites.
David Jones 2014/08/30 06:37:47 PM
It's pretty scary that this guys are on the doorstep of Israel. Unlike Hamas who will capture soldiers and return them alive, these guys behead people. Very very terrorizing !
Ndlovu Bigone 2014/08/30 06:49:52 PM
The so called moderate Majority of Muslims turn a blind eye to Isis tactics because the end for them justifies the means. I.e Islam taking over the world. Now that would be a shame.
Michael Ndalama Mwale 2014/08/30 06:50:29 PM
Are these people really worth calling people? I would describe them as devils not worth regarding as people. Is their religion worth calling a religion of God? I would dispute that as well because there is nothing in their deeds that indicate that.
Alan Yates 2014/08/30 08:52:47 PM
Another day, another Islamic Koranic motivated beheading by Moslems in their 1400 year crime against humanity (jihad and sharia). Like Communism and Fascism, Islamism must be defeated. Before the Jihad of Adolph Arafat, Lebanon was a peaceful land.