Israel army announces total withdrawal from Gaza

Jerusalem - The Israeli army said on Tuesday it would withdraw completely from the Gaza Strip, when an agreed ceasefire with Hamas takes effect at 08:00 (0500 GMT).

The army will deploy outside Gaza in defensive positions when the three-day ceasefire begins, army spokesperson Peter Lerner told journalists.

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Enig Ma 2014/08/05 07:31:40 AM
Righto, time to initiate negotiate the future single democratic, secular state comprising what people refer to as Israel, Palestine, and OTHER occupied territories.
Nokwanda Matanda 2014/08/05 07:34:44 AM
Total means away, no where near. Who believes this lame proclamation that has never happened in over 5 decades. Too much talk and too much killing of civilians. Haven't achieved what they said was their main reason to start a war. They'll be BACK!! More DEATH to follow.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/05 07:38:23 AM
Well, we will see how long this last for.
Kennedy Bunga 2014/08/05 07:41:53 AM
A single rocket fired by Hamas and Israel will go back and Finnish the whole. Palestine does not deserve to be a country it deserves to be a province of Israel. That whole land was given to Papa Abraham
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/05 07:44:52 AM
Job done. No tunnels left. Hamas smashed. It's up to Hamas to stop this nonsense of attacking Israel. Israel is going nowhere. Two state solution. Talking is the only answer. But don't expect Hamas terrorists to use common sense.
Binte Maya 2014/08/05 07:45:06 AM
Alhamdulilah!! After every difficulty will certainly come ease!!
mantlekilo 2014/08/05 07:46:37 AM
The ceasefire will probably not last too long. Hamas leaders derive their personal income and wealth from donations received from bleeding heart liberals in the West. A ceasefire therefore obviously does not suit them and they will soon enough place the poor Palestinian peasant back in the firing line. Did you know that Yasser Arafat's personal wealth was in the hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of DOLLARS at the time of his death. This conflict has very little to do with's the lust for extreme wealth. Other Arab nations know this and don't financially assist these is you through your donations that empower them. STOP financial aid NOW!
Tauriq Hercules 2014/08/05 07:49:55 AM
As long as the gas reserves are in Palestinian hands off the coast of gaza worth 4 billion dollars Israel will continue to keep the conflict rife as investors who are keen on the reserves wont invest until there is peace! Just like coca-cola who pulled out of SA during apartheid- bp wont go ahead until the war is over. Israel wants the land for the reserves and will do anything to keep it from the Palestinians!
Anastasia Minsk 2014/08/05 07:50:29 AM
Israel, use the last 10 minutes well and wack them some more
Stephan Coetzee 2014/08/05 07:51:24 AM
I agree...what will all the figthers do when theres no reason to fight ?...its become a life style. Its up to the ordinary citizens to day enough !