Israel army okays 4-hour Gaza lull

Jerusalem - The Israeli army has agreed to observe a four-hour humanitarian lull in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, which will begin at 12:00 GMT on Wednesday, a statement said.

"The IDF [army] has authorised a temporary window in the Gaza Strip. The window will commence today between 15:00-19:00 (12:00 - 16:00 GMT)," it said.

But the lull would not apply in areas where ground troops were "currently operating", it said, without elaborating in a statement which came several hours after the army advanced deeper into the Gaza Strip.

"Residents must not return to areas that have previously been asked to evacuate," it added.

UN figures show that up to 240 000 people have fled their homes as a result of the fighting which began on 8 July and has so far killed more than 1 297 people in Gaza and 56 in Israel.

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Raaziq Tape 2014/07/30 04:07:24 PM
wow...they are so Humane! they even throw leaflets...amazing
Revaan Jutzen 2014/07/30 04:11:07 PM
According to a shocking news report released Monday evening, Hamas is publicly celebrating the executions of more than 30 Palestinians they accused of “collaborating” with Israel. These so-called spies—many of whom are apparently members of the rival Fatah faction of Palestinians rather than friends of Israel—were seized, given only brief and rudimentary trials, and then gunned down in cold blood.
cdp029 2014/07/30 04:18:16 PM
Chances are Hamas will break this cease fire early, like so many times before.
Stephanes Heunis 2014/07/30 04:21:30 PM
will the real Palestine leaders stand-up and give the international community the oppressors (Hamas ) up or stuffer along side them
Jacques Coetzer 2014/07/30 04:51:23 PM
Quickly Hamas, move more rockets to fire to hospitals and the UN schools!Isreal have a never ending supply of Iron Dome missiles!!!!
Alex 2014/07/30 04:55:53 PM
"Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded". - Khaled Meshaal
Jurie Pohl 2014/07/30 05:51:49 PM
What a dumb statement to make. I dont thonk you would like me saying go apartheid?
SpiritWarrior 2014/07/30 06:22:58 PM
You are luckyyou didn't say that in front of my face you cowatd bastard.
Mohammad Sulaiman 2014/07/30 06:27:51 PM
It is amazing to read all the comments. Hate from both sides. Very sad.
All Nasir 2014/07/30 06:50:27 PM
The land of modern day Israel was never ever exclusively populated by Jews. Demography is the history in this case, reality and the future. No matter how many European settler colonize, chip away the land and corner the Palestinians, ultimately there can be only one outcome, better wake up now than to be ostrich. In the shorter term, this war can last just as long as outside imperial powers - mainly the United States - support the colonizers and fuel the conflict. As US power weakens in the Middle East and throughout the world, so too does the power of the Zionist colonizers. "The losers do best by accepting defeat and the land offered as consolation". This applies to the Zionists, who cannot win this conflict and must, in the end, accept defeat and make the best settlement they can manage with the Palestinians and Arabs who will prevail. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate!