Israel confirms Egyptian proposal for Gaza ceasefire - official

Jerusalem - Israel has accepted an Egyptian proposal for a Gaza ceasefire, a senior Israeli official said on Tuesday.

"Israel has accepted an Egyptian proposal for a complete and unlimited-in-time ceasefire. Israel accepted already the Egyptian proposal on 15 July. Israel has always supported an unconditional, open-ended ceasefire," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The official offered no further details.

Egyptian and Palestinian officials said the truce was to take effect at 19:00 (16:00 GMT).

In a later development Israel has agreed to open its borders with Gaza to allow humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials into the Palestinian enclave, Egypt's foreign ministry said in a statement.

Indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinians on other issues will also be resumed.

"Indirect talks between the two parties over other issues will resume within one month from the start of the ceasefire..." 

Nathan Stern 2014/08/26 06:44:34 PM
ISIS's brothers Hamas ran out of rockets, hence the acceptance. Only a matter of time before Hamas resumes hostilities
Ennio Morricone 2014/08/26 06:56:48 PM
Gaza should be free, allowed to do business with all states including Iran.
Andrew Salies 2014/08/26 07:15:46 PM
Now the suicide bombing gona start in Isreal with the lifting blockade. What about the blockade between Gaza and Egypt. Why no outcry for the lifting of blockade.
Andrew Salies 2014/08/26 07:28:44 PM
Its gona give Hamas enough time to pile up enough rockets to start first firing at Isreal and to recruite enough suicide bombers to enter Isreal. Just watch the space.
Peter Clark 2014/08/26 07:54:55 PM
And now the Israelies property developers start their money making extortion against the Palestinians to redevelop the buildings destroyed by the israelies. The Israelies should be made to pay for the construction since the murderer netanyahu was doing the damage
Alta Steyn 2014/08/26 08:23:32 PM
Hamas is the Hebrew name for Violence. Pray the truce holds.